Abarth 695 175 Anniversary Lifestyle

Discover a special side of performance with Abarth​

Abarth are an Italian manufacturer with performance at their core, allowing them to create thrilling models that deliver a new level of excitement to each and every drive. This is no exception for the limited-edition models, which now come with greater recognition and can be checked on the Abarth Register to confirm their status, marking their historical significance!

Take a look at this article to find out more about all of the Abarth specials out there...

The Abarth 695 Rivale 175 Anniversary – only 350 cars produced in 2017. This model is where refined elegance meets Scorpion performance to provide you with an outstanding model, which could also come with a black glass sun roof.

The 695 XSR Yamaha LTD Edition – only 1,390 cars produced in 2017. Born from a partnership between Abarth and Yamaha, this model features an Akrapovic exhaust, carbon fibre finishes and the legendary XSR on all four wheels.

The 695 Biposto – the smallest supercar that perfectly mixes on-the-road performance and racing emotion to produce a sense of excitement each time you take your place behind the wheel.

Up next is the 695 Biposto Record, which celebrated the 133 records that made Abarth a legend by creating 133 models in 2015, inspired by the track and boasting a Modena yellow livery to turn heads wherever it goes.

Meet the 695 Maserati Edition – with only 480 models created back in 2012, this model was designed for those who love great performance and want to face every day challenges with ease. It combines the power of the Scorpion with the true elegance of the Trident.

This wasn’t the first Italian partnership Abarth has undertaken – in 2010 they created 1,649 695 Tributo Ferrari modes that was created for lovers of both brands. It was a model that housed the racing spirit of Abarth, and was enhanced by the undisputed charm of Ferrari.

Abarth 695 175 Anniversary Lifestyle
Abarth 695 695 XSR Yamaha LTD Edition Lifestyle
Abarth Cabrio Italia Lifestyle
Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari Lifestyle
Abarth 695 Biposto Record Lifestyle

The 595 50° Anniversario – 390 cars produced in 2013. A model with unmistakable DNA that combines the classic 595 with the performance and technology of newer models.

The Cabrio Italia – 150 cars produced in 2011 that provide a sense of sporty elegance for anyone who gets behind the wheel.

Back in 2009, 100 Abarth Zerocento models were produced to celebrate the revival of the legend Karl Abarth and come with a variable back pressure exhaust system for that added boost.

In 2008, 200 of the Abarth Opening Edition were produced for true performance car enthusiasts. With 160hp, 137mph, and 0-62mph in just 7.4 seconds, it’s a pure thrill!

Finally we have the Punto Scorpione, where only 199 cars were produced in 2011. This is a versatile compact car with pure racing DNA coursing through its veins to showcase its distinctive Abarth attitude.

There you have it - an overview to all of the Abarth special-edition models throughout the years.

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