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Avant-garde style

The new CUPRA Ateca is a rare combination – it’s an SUV with the heart and soul of a sports car that will also command the road with its elegance. It’s available in four eye-catching colours, which include Energy Blue, Rhodium Grey, Velvet Red and Nevada White, so no matter your preferences, there’s a model to suit your personality.

This style is highlighted by the contrasting exterior mirrors, which come in either Glossy Black or Carbon Fibre and are inspired by CUPRA’s racing DNA. The advanced LED headlights also take pride of place at the front of the model and come with automatic beam as standard.

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A sophisticated interior

The interior style lives up to the impeccable design as seen on the outside, and here you can make the most of having everything you need close to hand with the impressive glossy black finish. Alongside this, CUPRA have ensured that you have only the best each and every time you take your place behind the wheel.

Stunning Alcantara sport seats come with matching copper stitching to that on the leather steering wheel and gear knob to showcase how they have taken care in every detail of this standout model.

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Technology first

As mentioned already, the interior has been completely designed around the driver, and this is no exception when we take a closer look at the technology available at your fingertips. The digital cockpit is a prime example of this – it’s a 10.2-inch LCD screen in your line of vision that houses everything you need to find your way, from average speed to navigation. You can also configure it to meet your every need.

The driver experience button has six different modes, including comfort, sport, individual, offroad, snow and the exclusive CUPRA mode to help you experience the full potential of your performance SUV – put simply, it comes with an unlimited driving pleasure like no other.

Performance meets style

Meet the CUPRA Ateca​

If you’re looking for a model that’s not only practical for your family but will also put the thrill back into your driving experience, the CUPRA Ateca is the model for you. This SUV perfectly combines practicality, style and performance to provide you with a model that will easily enhance your every day.

It has been inspired by the track to give it that increased sporty edge, but born for the streets, allowing you to truly get the most out of it. No matter where you look with this model, you can see that care and attention have been taken with every aspect.

Evolution of a machine​

Underneath the bonnet of the CUPRA Ateca lies more than just an engine – it’s a driver-centric approach to performance. As standard, this model comes with a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder TSI 300PS DSG-auto 4Drive engine that easily gives this car all the power you could require. It has an acceleration from 0-62mph of just 5.2 seconds and a maximum speed of 153mph for you to take full advantage of on the track.

To support this, it comes with a dual hydraulic circuit and braking system with diagonal split with brake booster. The front brake discs are 312x25mm and the rear are slightly smaller, 310x22mm.

Additional technology​

To make your overall vision of the model easier, it comes with cameras at the front, rear and on the exterior mirrors for an advanced 360° view of your impressive CUPRA Ateca, allowing you to make manoeuvring in any environment easier. It’s true what they say – CUPRA haven’t done anything by halves!

In addition to this, the CUPRA comes with a park assist system that encompasses 12 sensors that steer your SUV into the tightest of parking spaces without worry, allowing you to get into the space first time.

Experience more with the CUPRA Ateca today

If you would like to get behind the wheel of the extremely impressive CUPRA Ateca and experience all of its amazing features first hand, please get in touch with a member of our helpful and friendly team today to find out more.