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Fiat Doblò Combi dashboard

Functionality at its Best ​

The Doblò Combi has a completely renovated front end, which is rich in style and technological content to improve your experience behind the wheel. The lines of the bonnet combine with the front bumper to increase the aerodynamic ability of the vehicle, which therefore guarantees greater efficiency even when you’re travelling at slower speeds. The wide opening, side sliding door enables access to the load compartment, so when you’re tucked into a tight space you can still access your goods with ease.

Not only are the doors designed around your convenience, so are the door handles; they optimise ergonomics and robustness to improve access. The internal handles allow for easy opening, even when your hands are full, and the external doors have a vertical grip to facilitate opening and closing. Getting your luggage in and out of the boot is easier than ever before with the practical 180o opening doors.

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Fiat Doblò Combi rear

Handling Perfection​

If you’re looking for outstanding performance and exceptional handling, then this is the model for you, with its ‘best-in-class’ bi-link suspension, improved gearbox and clutch. To personalise the Doblò Combi to your specification, you are also given a wide range of engines to choose from to suit your needs on the road, these range from a 95 MultiJet2 engine to a 120 MultiJet2 engine. No matter which you select, this model guarantees a smooth and comfortable drive in all conditions.

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Fiat Doblò Combi front lights

Most Advanced Security Devices as Standard​

Designed to ensure you and your passengers set off on every trip without concern, the Doblò Combi comes equipped with a range of outstanding features. The Traction+ system provides innovative traction control and will help to improve grip on slippery surfaces. In the presence of ESC and low grip on one of the driving wheels, torque is transferred to the wheel with the best grip on the road. Combine this with the ESC system that automatically takes over in emergency situations, and you will remain at your safest while out and about.

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) continually monitors the pressure of each of your tyres and will advise you of any loss of pressure directly on the on-board display. Also designed to make your time behind the wheel a little bit easier is the cruise control system, complete with speed-limiter that lets you set and maintain a constant cruising speed to make the hassle of motorway driving disappear.

the ideal vehicle

Room for the Family

This model has been crafted with the needs of the driver in mind, whether you’re transporting people or goods, the Doblò Combi has room for it all. The flexible seating will fit up to five passengers comfortably, and with an increase in headroom, even your taller occupants will be able to fit with ease. If you’re looking for a practical model that will easily fit the needs of your business and family, then the Fiat Doblò Combi is the answer.

Its low loading threshold facilitates simple loading and unloading, while the 5m3, one-tonne load capacity and 3.4m internal length make the Doblò Combi perfect for any use, and show exactly why it is the ‘best in class’ for its category, and is the best partner for any job.

Acoustic Cab Comfort​

Once you’re comfortably seated in the Doblò Combi, you’ll truly be able to relax on every outing thanks to the reduced traffic and engine noise reaching the cabin. With the help of high-quality materials, these pesky sounds have been prevented from reaching you, so you’re able to enjoy your conversation or sing along to your favourite songs with ease. To support this, you can also fit a CD and MP3 player with optional steering wheel controls.

The instrument panel has been redesigned to maximise the visibility and readability of all the important information you need to ascertain from your dashboard, so with one quick glance you can take it all in without averting your eyes from the road for too long. You can also make the most of the central storage compartment for keeping all of your essential items within reach.

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