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Five reasons to make the switch to an electric car this year

2017 was a landmark year for electric and plug-in hybrid cars, with a record 46,522 bought in the UK*. And with experts estimating that 60,000 low-emission vehicles will be registered in 2018, should yours be one of them?

Electric vehicles (EVs) have really come into their own in recent years. Previously plagued by doubts over their range, charge time and the sparseness of charging stations, the above figures show that these worries have now been firmly put to bed. But why should you make the switch

1. They are cheaper to run

Electricity is far cheaper than petrol or diesel, which instantly brings down your monthly fuel budget. The cost of electricity is also much more consistent than petrol, which has proven extremely volatile in recent years. Pod Point estimates that charging at home costs approximately £3.64 for a full charge, and rapid charging stations (found at motorway service stations) typically cost £6.50 for half an hour**. While the cost of a full petrol/diesel tank varies from car to car, we’re sure you’ll agree that £3.64 is hard to beat!

2. They benefit from purchase incentives

Not only are electric vehicles cheaper to power, but new models also benefit from government grants upon purchase^. Due to their impressive environmental credentials, the government are encouraging buyers to make the switch by dangling the carrot of generous purchase incentives. The grants can offer a discount of up to £3,000 for eligible pure electric cars. There is also an OLEV Grant providing £500 towards installing a home charging points, plus significant tax incentives.

3. They are cheaper to maintain

On top of cheaper “fuel” and tax, the general maintenance of electric cars is also much more bank account-friendly. The complex makeup of traditional internal combustion engines make them more prone to faults over time, whereas electric cars have fewer moving parts – meaning less maintenance and replacement parts are required. And not to mention the eradication of oil changes…!

4. They are better for the environment

Although it may be obvious, the fact remains that pure electric cars produce substantially lower greenhouse gases than petrol or diesel cars. Obviously, some emissions are created from generating the extra electricity for running these EVs, but this still has less of a negative impact of the environment than running petrol and diesel motors.

5. No more trips to the petrol station

Charge your electric car like you would your smartphone or laptop – simply plug it in when you get home from work and it’s ready to go the next day. Powering up an electric car is more convenient than ever, and saves those last-minute trips to the petrol station on the way to work – along with ever other commuter!