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New Mild Hybrid Car range Introducing the Mild Hybrid Car Range Reduced fuel consumption in a more affordable car

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Mild Hybrid Cars offer reduced fuel consumption thanks to their self-charging battery and motor which assists the engine during acceleration. This helps customers save on fuel and reduce their emissions without breaking the bank.

With new and used offerings from Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda and Volvo, we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your needs. From powerful SUVs to fun-loving superminis, we have a vehicle to match whatever life throws at you. And with a constantly refreshed range of offers available, fantastic savings are never far away.

Visit your local Johnsons Cars to see the full range today or explore the range of mild hybrids below.

How Mild Hybrid Cars work Combining the engine and the self-charging battery and motor, the car delivers improved miles per gallon
No need to charge Fuel the car Like a traditional combustion engine car, you can fill the tank at a normal fuel station. The engine will then charge the battery along with recovering energy that would normally be lost during braking.
Electric power in the background Drive the Car You can then drive the car like you would any other car. The combustion engine still powers the car with the electric motor kicking in to assist the engine when accelerating. This is when a combustion engine uses the most fuel so helps reduce fuel consumption.
Helping save fuel More features Depending on the model, mild hybrid cars can help save fuel in other ways thanks to the larger battery than found on a typical diesel or petrol car. This larger battery can be used to power the car during its start/stop feature for longer reducing fuel consumption when stationary. It can also be used to power features of the car like aircon reducing the strain on the engine.
Benefits of Mild Hybrid Cars A mild hybrid car offers some of the benefits of changing to an electrified vehicle while keeping the price of the car down.
More Electric, Less Fuel Reduced running costs Thanks to the addition of a battery and motor, you can save substantially on your fuel costs. The electric motor kicks in during acceleration. This is when most fuel would normally be burned so cutting this out improves miles per gallon and reduces emissions.
Cleaner driving Reduced emissions Thanks to the reduced emissions the car will be able to enter certain emission controlled zones that are appearing more frequently in city centres. They also benefit from reduced road tax and company car tax which are both bracketed according to emission levels.
Drive like normal A familiar feel The Mild Hybrid technology works in the background and while you’ll see your fuel bill go down, you’re unlikely to notice any differences to your drive. Mild hybrids are available in petrol and diesel, manual and automatic and the drive is similar to standard combustion engine cars.
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