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New Fiat Panda

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Thanks to its adorable good looks, the Fiat Panda is instantly recognisable, and if you require a compact car that’s both affordable to buy and cost-effective to run, it makes for a terrific choice. It handles well too, and features a rear compartment that offers class-competitive spaciousness.

With a range of trim levels and variants to choose from (including a four-wheel-drive model), there’s more than likely a Fiat Panda that will suit your motoring tastes and preferences.

Exterior Features The compact and cute Fiat Panda comes in many forms.
Hatchback, Crossover or 4x4 Choose your Style The entry-level Panda City Life is the classic Panda reinvented for the 21st century: a compact yet roomy automobile. If you need the extra impetus and traction provided by four-wheel drive, there’s a quartet of fine off-road-ready Panda Cross models to choose from.
Panda City Cross Rear
Fit for your needs Room on top Whichever Panda variant you decide upon, it’ll come fitted with roof bars, affording you the opportunity to add a rack that’s able to transport items that can’t fit in the boot.
Fiat Panda 4x4
Flexible storage solutions Panda colours Given the name of the vehicle, it makes perfect sense that it should come with a standard-issue Ambient White paint finish, especially as it shows off a range of black fixtures. These include grille ‘moustache’, black side mouldings and undercarriage cladding. Optional colours are also available, including Darkwave Black and Colosseo Grey.
Fiat Panda Roof Bars
Interior Features The interior of the Panda finds the perfect balance between comfort, practicality and space.
Music and Navigation Infotainment highlights The Panda is supplied with an AM/FM radio, AUX and USB inputs and Bluetooth connectivity as standard. Panda Cross models add DAB digital radio to the mix, while Red trims feature a seven-inch touchscreen, with which you can mirror your smartphone thanks to the inclusion of Android Auto/Apple CarPlay.
Fiat Panda Dashboard
For your needs, for your personality Fuel-saving Start-Stop The Panda’s 1.0-litre mild-hybrid engine already works efficiently to reduce fuel consumption – and Start-Stop technology plays its part too. It temporarily switches off the engine whenever the car comes to a natural stop – and turns it back on again when it’s time to go.
Fiat Panda Interior front
Fiat Panda Boot Space Flexible The Fiat Panda features 14 different storage compartments, positioned throughout the cabin – and rear seats that slide back and forth, enabling a 225-litre boot to increase to 260 litres. The same seats are 60/40 split-folding too, allowing a maximum 870-litre cargo capacity.
Fiat Panda boot
Get in touch with Johnsons Fiat in Swindon and find out more. Discover more about the Panda With so many choices about the Panda and how it can be customised to suit you, there’s a lot of information to take in. Get in touch with any questions and our advisors from Fiat Swindon will be able to help you find your perfect Panda.