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New Fiat 500C

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The Fiat 500 is one of the most instantly recognisable city cars around – and the 500C is even more adorable, thanks to its snazzy folding fabric roof. Now, this cute little car is more adaptable too. In fact, it’s ideal for the very changeable British climate. Whenever it’s raining, a soft top provides watertight protection. Whenever the sky is blue and the sun is shining – this is the perfect time to unfurl the roof and make the most of the weather. What’s more, powered by a mild-hybrid engine, the 500C is very affordable to run, making it an excellent option for cost-conscious motorists.

Fiat efficiency

Providing the 500C with all the pep it needs, a 1.0-litre petrol engine is enhanced by mild-hybrid technology, featuring a 12-volt lithium battery that recharges during braking and/or deceleration. This means that, unlike a plug-in hybrid car, there’s never any need to charge the battery yourself. This mild-hybrid drivetrain returns up to 53.3mpg (and produces CO2 emissions from 114g/km) – which means it’s kind to bank balances. What’s more, whenever you find yourself driving below 18mph, the dashboard instrument display will offer you the option to switch to Neutral, which turns the engine off. This results in more fuel savings and a further reduction in emissions.

Customised Exterior

Inspired by the timeless 1957 Fiat convertible, the Fiat 500C blends classic design with the latest, state-of-the-art technology. Its cool and funky exterior is available with a choice of no less than three roof colours, 13 body colours and ten wheel types, along with plenty of options for chrome styling and additional stickers. It means you can customise your Fiat 500C to reflect your personality.

Spacious Interior

Inside the Fiat 500C's stylish and ergonomic interior, inspired by the brand's 'concertina' style, drivers and passengers can benefit from a host of features designed to make every journey comfortable and enjoyable. At the touch of a button, the soft-top roof elegantly slides down in just 15 seconds, opening up the luxury interior to glistening sunshine.

Exterior Nowadays the classic Fiat 500 look is enhanced with a number of modern embellishments. For instance, a dramatically rising shoulder line provides the car with its appealingly assertive stance.
Get more from your car LED daytime running lights Fitted as standard, LED daytime running lights look very smart indeed while serving a decidedly practical purpose. Whenever natural light starts to diminish, or extinguishes entirely, these LEDs provide super-bright illumination, ensuring the 500C remains easily visible to other motorists.
Choose the one to match your style Cute colours The Fiat 500C wears any colour with style and comes with a classy, composed Tech House Grey paint finish at no extra cost. Of course, there are plenty more colours to choose from, including a cool Bossa Nova White, a moody Crossover Black and the vibrant tones provided by Sicilia Orange and Pasodoble Red.
Fiat 500 trim levels
Enjoy life with the roof down Racy roof options When you’ve decided which colour suits your 500C best, why not choose the colour of the car’s fabric roof? There are four options available: Ivory, Black, Grey and Red are available – which will you select?
Fiat 500c open soft top roof
Interior Features Despite its diminutive dimensions, which make it ideal for handling busy urban environments with absolute ease, the Fiat 500C comfortably accommodates four adults. And it has more to offer.
Sub Headline Sounds good Enjoy your favourite radio station in crystal-clear sound quality with DAB digital radio, supplied as standard. Alternatively, listen to tunes from your personal collection by connecting and playing one of your compatible devices via USB.
Fiat 500c interior
Listen in your own way For your convenience The car’s audio functions are simply and safely operated via convenient steering wheel-mounted controls. Meanwhile, second-tier Dolcevita trims add a seven-inch touchscreen that delivers Android Auto/Apple CarPlay connectivity and more besides.
Fiat 500C touch screen music
Sub Headline Keep Cool Air-conditioning is included as standard – while automatic air-conditioning is provided with Dolcevita Plus and Sport trims. Naturally, with a roof that unfurls whenever you wish, you have more than one way to circulate cool air around the cabin.
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