New Fiat 500C The iconic car as a convertible Enjoy life with the roof down

New Fiat 500C

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Fiat 500C takes the innovative and glamorous Fiat 500 and adds an electric soft-top roof, for stylish convertible driving.

Customised Exterior

Inspired by the timeless 1957 Fiat convertible, the Fiat 500C blends classic design with the latest, state-of-the-art technology. Its cool and funky exterior is available with a choice of no less than three roof colours, 13 body colours and ten wheel types, along with plenty of options for chrome styling and additional stickers. It means you can customise your Fiat 500C to reflect your personality.

Spacious Interior

Inside the Fiat 500C's stylish and ergonomic interior, inspired by the brand's 'concertina' style, drivers and passengers can benefit from a host of features designed to make every journey comfortable and enjoyable. At the touch of a button, the soft-top roof elegantly slides down in just 15 seconds, opening up the luxury interior to glistening sunshine.

Exterior Features The Fiat 500C takes the well known 500 signature design and adds the stylish soft top roof
Get more from your car New Hybrid Engine The mild Hybrid engine has a motor that provides extra support when accelerating to save on fuel consumption and reduce emissions.
Fiat 500c Mild Hybrid Engine
Choose the one to match your style Plenty of choice The Fiat 500C range comes in a range of specifications, each with their own design traits. Such as the choice of wheels which has a surprising effect on the overall look.
Fiat 500 trim levels
Enjoy life with the roof down Open-air style With a choice of colours, the soft-top roof opens up a world of new driving experiences in style.
Fiat 500c open soft top roof
Interior Features The Fiat 500C’s interior is just as stylish as the exterior making the most of the unique shapes.
Inside and out Match your style The interior is just as unique as the outside. The dashboard comes in many forms depending on specification
Fiat 500c interior
Listen in your own way Fully Connected With plenty of choices in how you listen to your music, from DAB radio to Bluetooth the Fiat 500C is even more fun. Plus, most trim levels have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.
Fiat 500C touch screen music
Enjoy the ride Comfortable in every way Each trim level has its own variation of the stylish seats. Plus most trims come with air conditioning creating a comfortable cabin temperature.
Fiat 500C seats
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