Fiat Hybrid and Electric Range Discover alternative fuel driving Make the switch to electric with Fiat
Fiat Hybrid and Electric Range

Fiat Hybrid and Electric Range

Make the switch to electric with Fiat

Fiat is on a mission to electrify its range – hybrid versions of the iconic 500 and Panda models have already hit the streets, with an all-electric version of the Fiat 500 hatchback reportedly set to spark a five-model “renewal” plan. The Italian marque’s move towards electrification comes as electric and hybrid vehicles continue to take the world by storm – a record 72,000 were sold in the UK alone in 2019 according to!

Electrified powertrains come with a host of benefits, including emissions-free driving, lower running costs, less potential maintenance costs, convenient home-charging and tax reductions. If you’re thinking of embracing the electric era, check out the current Fiat hybrid and electric models below and, to find out more, get in touch with our friendly team at your local Johnsons Fiat.

No Plug required Self-charging technology The battery in these hybrid cars is charged by the engine and through energy collected during braking.
Get going Assisted Acceleration During acceleration, the power in the battery is used to power a motor which assists the petrol engine. This reduces petrol consumption at a time when your car would normally use it most.
Fiat Hybrid engine
More power Further enhancements The bigger battery is also used to power the technology in the car reducing the burden on the petrol engine. This includes the climate control and start/stop helping you further save on fuel.
FIat 500 Hybrid interior
More about Fiat Electric There are a lot of questions about this new technology, but luckily our experts can help. Here are the basics
No fuel required Plug it in Just like your phone, all you need to do power this vehicle is to plug it in. This chages the battery and can be done with a 3-point plug or a home charging station, or at a public charging point.
Fiat plug-in
Electric Motor Easy Driving Operating an electric car is no different to an automatic. Put your foot down and the battery will power the electric motor for emission free driving.
Fiat 500 hybrid dashboard
Improved technology Get more from your car The large battery will power all the other technology in your car. To reduce wastage, the battery can recharge using the energy collected during braking.
Fiat Panda hybrid interior
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