Fiat Electric

Reasons to drive electric

Explore the benefits of all-electric motoring

Zero emissions - With a 100% electric Fiat or Abarth, you can travel far and wide while producing zero harmful emissions.
Enhanced space - The vast majority of electric vehicles (EVs) feature single-gear automatic transmission, which means there’s no central transmission tunnel and, therefore, more room for passengers.
Environmental benefits – An all-electric car produces zero harmful emissions and thus contributes towards a more sustainable future.
Choosing the vehicle to suit you Your vehicles. Your way. Anywhere. Thinking about going electric? Speak to a member of our team today.

Types of electric/hybrid vehicles explained

Not ready to go fully electric yet? Wondering what the differences between electric and hybrid are? Allow us to explain…

    Electric A 100% electric vehicle is the cleanest, greenest and most cost-effective form of motor car. It produces no CO2 or NOx emissions and, since electricity is cheaper than fuel, it’s more affordable to run. EVs require manual charging, which can be done at home, at work and out and about.
    Plug-in hybrid Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) offer the type of efficiency that’s closest to EVs. They run mainly on petrol/diesel while an electric motor (which is provided energy by a chargeable battery) picks up the slack. This allows them to offer an average all-electric range of 37 miles. PHEVs require manual charging.
    Full hybrid Full hybrid electric vehicles (FHEVs) feature a combustion engine, an electric motor and a self-charging battery. While they offer limited electric range, FHEVs are more affordable to run than regular cars.
    Mild hybrid Hybrid electric vehicles (MHEVs) are one step up from regular combustion-engined vehicles. The difference is that an MHEV’s electric motor (in conjunction with a self-charging battery) assists the engine, providing rapid acceleration, for example.


    Would you like to know more? Please study our frequently asked questions below. If you have a different query, don’t hesitate to contact our Fiat Abarth Swindon team today.

    Are all electric cars automatic?


    ​The vast majority of EVs are automatic.

    What is a hybrid car?


    While similar to a regular car, a hybrid vehicle features an electric motor that provides power boosts and instant torque, and which is energised by a self-charging battery.

    What is a plug-in hybrid?


    Unlike most hybrids, a plug-in hybrid can run on electric power alone (for an average of 37 miles) and requires manual charging.

    How long does it take to charge an electric car?


    Using a rapid-charging (50 kW) public access point, it takes the Abarth 500e approximately 40 minutes to achieve a 20% to 80% charge.

    Should I buy an electric car?


    There are plenty of compelling reasons for owning an electric car. Please contact us for impartial advice.

    How do electric cars work?


    An electric car is powered by an electric motor which is provided energy by a high-capacity battery – which requires manual charging at home, at work or out and about.

    How do hybrid cars work?


    Hybrid cars are similar to regular cars but benefit from the addition of an electric motor and a self-charging battery. The electric motor assists the hybrid car’s combustion engine, delivering instant torque, for instance.

    Are electric cars better for the environment?


    Absolutely. Electric cars produce zero harmful emissions.