Jeep E-Volution unveiled

arlier this year at the Geneva Motor show, Jeep were the latest car manufacturer to jump on the hybrid bandwagon, unveiling their new Renegade and Compass with plug-in hybrid electric technology. This new powertrain enhanced the models’ off-road performance by taking advantage of the high-torque control available.

Both of these new models are rechargeable through an external power outlet, which results in the engine being able to store more electric energy, allowing for a more powerful electric motor to be used. This then translates into a purely electric range of around 31 miles and a full electric top speed of 80mph.

This electric system works in synergy with the new 1.3-litre turbo petrol engine to increase efficiency and power. In the Renegade, the power sits between 190hp and 240hp, resulting in an outstanding on-road performance of 0-62mph in approximately seven seconds. These figures also apply for the first plug-in hybrid Compass, making it the fastest example of this model ever! In addition to this, these new Jeep SUVs with plug-in hybrid technology are more fun to drive thanks to the improved acceleration and faster engine response. And, on top of this, they also deliver CO2 emissions lower than 50g/km – what’s not to like?

As we’ve already briefly mentioned, electrification has also helped to improve the legendary off-road performance of these models, as there is more torque available from the electric motel, and you also have the ability to adjust it with extreme precision while tackling some of the most challenging terrain, where a very low transmission ratio is needed. The new electric all-wheel-drive technology (eAWD), provides traction to the rear axle through a dedicated electric motor, allowing both axles to be separated and the torque to be controlled independently.

We can’t wait to get out hands on these models and test them out for ourselves. If you feel the same, make sure you get in touch with the helpful and friendly team at Johnsons Jeep to register your interest today.

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