New Jeep Renegade Introducing the New Jeep Renegade Adventure-ready

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before, this powerhouse model brings new features and style to the forefront and makes any road an adventure.

Restyled to ensure you turn heads, the new Renegade brings added glamour to rugged SUV styling – everything from the model badge to the exhaust tip emanates power and confidence. Inside, ergonomics and luxury have been carefully considered to offer a drive you won’t forget. No matter how rough the road, your comfort won’t suffer.

The new Renegade also benefits from Uconnect infotainment, giving you the power of an always-connected car – if you’d like to discover more about this stunning new model, read on for more details.

Light the way Standout LED lighting illuminates the path ahead, as well as providing a focal point on the rugged front end of the vehicle, highlighting the iconic front grille.
MY Sky Roof Open air adventure The optional MY Sky roof on the new Jeep Renegade features a segment-exclusive design, which means you can easily remove panels to provide stunning overhead views.
Small details Noticeable style Subshine mirror caps, black roof rails and a bright exhaust tip are all small details that offer a big impact – adding to iconic Jeep style and making the Renegade noticeable wherever it goes.
Bright lights Not just headlights When darkness falls, the Renegade comes alive. From the Limited specification and above, you’ll benefit from 50% brighter lights and 30% more efficiency than ever.
Heritage, enhanced While the new Renegade embraces its stylish heritage, it’s also made some impressive upgrades – you’ll find plenty of advanced systems ready to help your drive become even more intuitive.
All the comfort Ergonomic luxury The comfortable interior of the new Renegade showcases superior quality and craftsmanship in all areas – from comfortable and ergonomic seats to elegant stitching.
All the space Whatever you need Need some extra space? Alongside the generous stowage in the boot, you’ll find accommodating 60:40 split rear seats to help you load all your luggage with ease.
All the tech Uconnect The Uconnect infotainment system offers everything you need for a connected drive – simple navigation and easy-access entertainment is just the start of your next journey.
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