Volvo Electric

Benefits of Electric

There are many compelling reasons for driving electric. Here are just a few…

Zero-emission motoring - Wherever you drive in an all-electric car, you’ll be responsible for producing zero CO2 and NOx emissions.
Enhanced space - Unlike conventional cars, electric vehicles lack a bulky transmission tunnel. Consequently, EVs have flat cabin floors, which means more passenger space.
Low running costs – A 100% electric vehicle like EX40 Electric, EC40 and upcoming EX-30 are exceptionally cost-effective to run. This is because electricity is cheaper than petrol/diesel. EVs save you money on Vehicle Excise Duty too.
Choosing the vehicle to suit you Your vehicles. Your way. Anywhere. Here at Johnsons Volvo Gloucester and Solihull, we’re confident we can match you with an electric or hybrid Volvo that will perfectly meet your requirements.

Types of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Explained

An electrified Volvo is easy to live with – and eco-focused too.

    Electric An EV derives its power from an electric motor (two, in the case of the Volvo XC40) which is energised by a high-capacity battery. An EV’s battery requires manual charging, which can be achieved at home, at work and on the road. EVs are highly efficient and produce zero CO2 and NOx emissions.
    Hybrid A hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) features a self-charging battery which powers an electric motor. The latter supports the car’s combustion engine, providing it with enhanced efficiency and power.
    Mild Hybrid Mild hybrid electric vehicles (MHEVs) are much like FHEVs but don’t offer any kind of electric-driving capacity. However, they deliver all the other FHEV advantages, such an efficient motoring experience and a self-charging battery.
    Plug-in Hybrid A PHEV such as the Volvo XC60 is more fuel-efficient than a hybrid or a regular combustion-engined equivalent, and it produces fewer emissions. This is due to an electric motor which allows for an all-electric range (47 miles in the XC60 case). PHEVs require manual charging.


    We’ve tried to include all of our most frequently asked electric questions below. If your query remains unanswered, feel free to contact our Volvo Gloucester or Solihull showroom team at your earliest convenience.

    Are electric cars automatic?


    Yes, virtually all electric cars are automatic.

    What is a hybrid car?


    Hybrid cars are powered by a combustion engine that’s supported by an electric motor, which is provided energy by a self-charging battery. This set-up ensures a good blend of performance and efficiency.

    What is a plug-in hybrid car?


    PHEVs differ from hybrids because they offer the kind of all-electric range that produces low emissions and promotes greater fuel efficiency. Plug-in hybrids require manual charging, which can be done at home, at work and at one of many thousands of public access points located around the UK.

    How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle?


    The EX40 takes about 48 minutes to achieve a 20% to 80% top-up when connected to a rapid-charging (50kW) public connector.

    Should I buy an electrified car?


    There are many compelling reasons for doing so. For impartial advice, please contact your local Johnsons Volvo team today.

    How does an electric car work?


    An electric car’s powertrain consists of an electric motor (sometimes two) and a high-capacity battery. The latter requires manual charging, which can be achieved at home, at work and in public. This all-electric set-up delivers power and efficiency in equal measure.

    How does a hybrid car work?


    A hybrid car is similar to a regular vehicle in that it’s powered chiefly by its combustion engine. However, hybrids benefit from the addition of an electric motor which supports the engine by delivering instant torque, for instance. A hybrid car’s battery is self-charging, a process which occurs via regenerative braking.

    Are electric cars better for the environment?


    Most definitely. Each of our all-electric Volvos produces zero CO2 and NOx emissions.