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Get ready for a drive to remember, with the Volvo EX90.

Volvo’s new, 100% electric SUV is smooth, powerful and not to be underestimated. With an extraordinary power output of 408hp, the EX90 boasts sportier characteristics infused with the traditional, reliable Volvo DNA.

Designed with people in mind, the Volvo EX90 features seven adult-sized seats, providing plenty of interior space that prioritises comfort on every drive. Driver and passengers are cocooned in a haven of contemporary design, with soft features like the cabin’s backlit wood décor that imitates natural sunlight. Plus, the large boot has plenty of room for luggage and storage – perfect for family holidays and weekend road trips.

What’s more, the EX90 offers an electric range of up to 363 miles and fast charging capabilities that charge from 10–80% in just 30 minutes. Recharge at public charging stations, or for extra convenience, charge overnight using your home charger and wake up to 100% power.

Are you ready to take on the new day in Volvo’s all-new, all-electric EX90?

Offers views like no other Featuring Volvo’s largest panoramic roof yet, the EX90 has stunning sky views – protecting you from the elements come rain or shine.
More than just good looks The EX90’s modern, streamlined silhouette creates a premium feel that is sure to draw attention. Read on to find out more about its eye-catching exterior features.
Volvo EX90, Exterior, Side
Gives a warm welcome A bond like no other, the EX90 will greet you with a specialised welcome sequence when you approach the car.
Volvo EX90, Exterior, Front Close up
Warns of potential danger Roof-mounted lidar detects objects up to 250m ahead of the EX90 to alert the driver of any potential hazards – day or night.
Volvo EX90, Exterior, Front side, grey
Timeless design, modern tech From entertainment to safety, the EX90 utilises the latest technology to make every drive unforgettable. Learn more about the Volvo EX90’s interior features.
Intuitive infotainment For music, route planning, cameras, climate control and more, the EX90 displays an instant overview of internal and external driving conditions for the smoothest driving experiences.
Volvo EX90, Interior, Drivers point of view
Enhanced driver assistance Pilot Assist always keeps an eye on the road, offering support through notices about traffic and lane markings and adapting speed and distances given the current driving conditions.
Volvo EX90, Exterior, Alloy close up
An innovative audio experience Prepare for an exceptional surround sound experience thanks to 25 high-quality built-in speakers seamlessly integrated into the EX90’s interior, including headrests and headliners.
Volvo EX90, Interior, seat upholstery
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