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Scandinavian Design​

Modern Scandinavian design defines the elegant Volvo V60. Featuring all the hallmarks of this minimalist, contemporary design ethos, the model is functional yet beautiful, with refined finishes and sumptuous materials ensuring this is a vehicle that epitomises the quality associated with Volvo. Such is the uncluttered approach to the design of the cabin, for example, there is a clear sense of calm about the V60; in fact, with the removal of many of the dashboard controls in lieu of the multifunction touchscreen, there is a simple quality to the interior that will charm and inspire.

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Volvo V60 technology

Innovation for an Active Life​

Semi-autonomous technology finds its place within the Volvo V60 and thus finds its way into supporting your active lifestyle. The innovative PilotAssist system eases the effort of driving while keeping you fully in control, helping maintain your speed and distance from the vehicle ahead of you, as well as ensuring you maintain your lane position throughout. Working alongside Adaptive Cruise Control and connecting to the navigation system means even greater levels of support are provided. For even the longest of journeys, you can experience the support and assistance provided to ensure safe arrival.

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Volvo V60 interior

Protecting Your Precious Cargo​

When it comes to choosing an estate vehicle for your family, few models offer the same peace of mind as the Volvo V60. With a rich heritage in safety innovation, the manufacturer once again excels in the new V60, with a host of technologies working to protect your family throughout every journey. Take, for example, Volvo’s City Safety system. By using radar and camera technology to identify potential hazards, you as the driver will be alerted immediately to the risk. Even then, failure to act quickly enough will see the City Safety technology automatically apply the brakes in order to avoid collisions.


The Modern Vision of the Family Estate​

The impressive new Volvo V60 is more than a regular estate. This is a model that builds on the rich heritage of the manufacturer, incorporates the elegant and contemporary Scandinavian design ethos that is so distinctive, and which injects some of the finest in automotive technology. As such, the new Volvo V60 is the modern vision of the family estate. Purpose and poise epitomise this exciting new model which, with responsive driving dynamics, some of the finest safety measures around, and a host of flexible and versatile features, delivers a drive that is engaging, effortless, and enjoyable.

Comfort flows throughout the interior of the V60 and brings with it a sense of calm. Sumptuous interior upholstery, a minimalist dashboard, and a panoramic roof that enables light to fill the cabin all work in harmony to ensure that each and every family journey is one conducted in the most serene of environments.

Volvo V60 Lifestyle

Power Without Compromise​

Power and finesse combine within the Volvo V60 thanks in no small part to the T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid powertrain. A capable and power-packed turbocharged engine delivers thrust to the front wheels, while the rear is powered by a responsive electric motor. The result is a combined 404hp which, with the Geartronic transmission, offers smooth acceleration from a stationary position.

The V60 also provides a selection of drive modes that adapt according driver preference or the condition of the road ahead. Pure offers electric-only motoring; Power combines the petrol and electric motors for ultimate performance; and the default Hybrid mode allows the T8 to automatically choose the perfect combination of electric, petrol, or both.

Volvo V60 Charging Point

The Human Touch​

With modern vehicles all about connectivity and innovative in-car capabilities, Volvo’s Sensus technology works to engage you personally with the systems within the vehicle. The nine-inch portrait mode touchscreen offers intuitive control of the model’s myriad systems, while optional features such as a heads-up display can complement the driver instrument panel to deliver key vehicle information in a manner that is safe and non-invasive. Plus, with voice control available, there is no need to remove your hands from the steering wheel at all, leaving you free to concentrate on enjoying the drive.

Volvo V60 Dashboard

Experience More

The intelligent, innovative, and inspiring Volvo V60 offers much for the modern family motorist to enjoy. With a sense of luxury and sophistication that combine to offer the ultimate driving experience, the model is a must have for those looking for the ultimate modern estate vehicle. The new Volvo V60 is available to view at Johnsons Volvo in Gloucester and Solihull today, so contact us direct to arrange a test drive at one of our showrooms.

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