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Volvo V90 with open door

Luxury that Inspires

The V90 is unlike any other model in its class. The interior is designed for ultimate comfort and convenience, but not only this, it is also so stylish and modern that your everyday drive will be transformed into an indulgent and pleasurable experience. Features like soft Nappa leather upholstery, sports seats that contour to your body and sports pedals and floor mats create a sophisticated yet athletic interior. Different chrome and leather stitched trim designs can be chosen to match your personality, and with the panoramic roof, you can enjoy a light and spacious feel. Four-zone climate control can be catered to individual seats, while a host of intelligent technologies make the V90 a truly luxurious estate.

Semi-Autonomous Driving FIND OUT MORE
Volvo V90 aerial view

​Semi-Autonomous Driving

​Volvo has engineered a safe and convenient way for drivers to have a more relaxed driving experience. Pilot Assist is an intelligent technology that can command the car’s performance and control by sensing its surroundings. Whether you’re on the motorway or driving through the traffic, Pilot Assist maintains a set speed of the car, or distance to the car in front, keeping your car at a consistent performance. The subtle steering control ensures the car moves left and right as and when it should, keeping in lane and moving with the curves of the road in front.

Connectivity at Every Turn FIND OUT MORE
Volvo V90 technology

Connectivity at Every Turn

Our smart phones can contain our whole life, and now you can connect your phone to your car for safer communication and easy access to your life when you’re on the go. Volvo’s collaboration with Apple and Google means that the V90’s Smartphone Integration works with CarPlay and Android Auto to deliver exceptional services. Whether you wish to intercept calls, send emails or text messages, or stream your favourite music, you can now enjoy all of these convenient features though a high definition, touchscreen display. The V90 also includes Sensus Navigation as standard, so you can ensure you’re always on track with its state-of-the-art configuration.


​A Design Revolution

​Select from four different trims that each provide an outstanding performance: Momentum, Inscription, R-Design and Cross Country, the latter of which has a 65mm ground clearance for the most adventurous trim in the range. Whatever your lifestyle, you’ll find the V90 for you. The smart alloy wheels range from 17 to 18 inches in size, with the option of five, seven or ten spokes, including a five spoke matt black diamond cut design. LED headlights and front fog lights provide enhanced visibility, and the silver front and rear skid plate and high gloss black front grille showcase style and vigour, as well as practicality.

Volvo V90 Front

​Smooth Performance

​There is no denying that the V90 is a strong performance car. Sports suspension combined with expert precision and control ensures that you can enjoy a fluid and smooth movement at every turn. Select from different drive modes that cater to your everyday needs: Comfort, Eco, Dynamic, Off-Road or Individual. So whether you’re travelling through the country or moving through the city, you can select your own driving experience. Volvo has also developed the option of an electric model with Drive-E – the most efficient engine using state-of-the-art technology. Volvo pledges to sell a million electrified models by 2025, and the efficient and economical V90 is a credit to this commitment.

Volvo V90 Lifestyle

​Superior Safety

​The V90 is a safe and secure model that protects you, your passengers and those around you. State-of-the-art technologies alongside essential active and passive features ensure this car is trustworthy on all routes and distances. Benefit from features such as a 360-degree camera, which makes you aware of all your surroundings and helps you manoeuvre with ease thanks to its bird’s eye view display central to your dashboard. The cleverly designed head-up display allows you to focus on the road ahead as your car’s data is displayed on the windscreen. With hill-descent control, you can enjoy peace of mind and take your V90 to new heights.

Volvo V90 Rear

Discover More

The Volvo V90 is a modern luxury estate that is unsurpassed. For your chance to find out more about this spacious and stylish car, contact the team at Johnson Cars today. We’ll arrange a test drive at your earliest convenience and show you all that there is to be enjoyed in this stunning model. Call now or enquire online for more information.

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