China's advanced autonomous driving experiment​

The Swedish brand aims to release China’s most advanced autonomous driving experiment in which customers can test the technology on public roads in everyday driving conditions. The brand plans the experiment to involve up to 100 cars and will negotiate with interested cities in China to see which is able to provide the necessary permissions, regulations and infrastructure to allow the experiment to go ahead.

The advanced technology promises to reduce car accidents as well as free up crowded roads, reduce pollution and gives drivers the opportunity to use their time in the cars more valuably. The AD will allow traffic to move more smoothly and cut dangerous emissions and associated pollution.

Hakan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo said: “Autonomous driving can make a significant contribution to road safety…There are multiple benefits to AD cars… That is why governments need to put in place the legislation to allow AD cars onto the streets as soon as possible. The car industry cannot do it all by itself. We need governmental help.”

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