volvo autonomous driving trial, johnsons volvo
volvo autonomous driving trial, johnsons volvo

UK's most ambitious autonomous driving trial​

The Scandinavian brand will start next year the UK’s most ambitious autonomous driving trial, a technology that guarantees to drastically minimise car accidents as well as free up jam-packed roads and save drivers valuable time. President and chief executive of Volvo cars, Hakan Samuelsson said: “Autonomous driving represents a leap forward in car safety. The sooner AD cars are on the roads, the sooner lives will start being saved.”

Volvo’s UK-based test will be called ‘Drive Me London’ and will differentiate itself from other AD programmes by using real families driving AD cars on public roads. The test will start early 2017 with a limited number of semi-autonomous driving cars and expand in 2018 to include up to 100 AD cars, resulting in the largest and most extensive AD testing programme on Britain’s streets. With the new technology, four main areas will be improved: safety, congestion, pollution and time saving.

UK Secretary of State Business, Sajid Javid said: “Driverless cars will see our journey become faster, cleaner and safer. The UK is leading the way in developing the technology needed to make this a reality thanks to our world-class research base, and these types of trials will become increasingly common. Such advanced in technology prove the fourth industrial revolution is just around the corner, and our determination to be at the forefront is why we are attracting top names from across the globe for real-world testing.”

In terms of jammed roads, the AD cars allow traffic to move more smoothly, reducing congestion and minimising dangerous emissions and associated pollution.

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volvo autonomous driving trial, johnsons volvo
volvo autonomous driving trial, johnsons volvo