In Stock XC40s

We have 7 in stock Volvo XC40s that are ready for immediate delivery, and in two colours.

Both colours we have available are in the metallic finish which consists of:

  • 3 sleek Onyx Black
  • 4 stunning Fjord Blue

These models are available in the B3 Plus model variant.

Vehicle price before saving £38,550
Saving £2,313
Vehicle Delivery, Tax and First Registration Fee £1,490
Total £37,727

Whether you're looking for a reliable family car or a stylish ride to show off to your friends, these XC40s are perfect for you! Don't miss out on this great opportunity, contact us today to get more information and secure your new XC40 before it's too late!

Call Volvo Gloucester - 01452 525 291

Call Volvo Solihull - 0121 745 0700