Volvo Safety & Security Accessories

Keep your car and your loved ones safe with a selection of safety and security accessories.

Take a look at some of these below. Looking for soemthing else? Get in touch with us and our Volvo parts and accessory teams can help.

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Keyless Package

This set of keys consists of two standard keys and one key ring. The advanced theft protection helps prevent relay attacks for improved security so that you will feel more secure as the owner of the car.


Snow Chains

A snow chain specially developed for several tyre dimensions. This type of snow chain has the advantage of not being fitted on the inside of the tyre so it does not take up the space required by larger tyres.


Auto Sock

The perfect aid for driving on snowy and icy roads. When the road suddenly becomes slippery, the sock is simply mounted on the wheel and provides increased friction on snow and ice. It takes a small amount of storage space and can be re-used.


Dog Harness

Comfortable dog harness that is attached directly to the car's seat belt by quick link. The padded and comfortable harness keeps the dog still in the rear seat.


Protective Plate

Protects the engine, oil pump and transmission from impacts when driving in poor conditions, for example, if the road is bumpy or potholed. Fully enclosing aluminium plate that also prevents impact from loose stones.

£600 (XC40, S60, V60)
£625 (XC60, S90, V90)
£650 (XC90)

Tempa Spare Wheel

The Tempa Spare is stored securely and well-positioned under the floor in the luggage compartment. A well-integrated and neat solution.


Child Safety Seats

A range of infant seats and booster cushions in a clean design to suit your Volvo are available. As experts in Safety, our seats are made to the highest quality. Volvo recommend that children use rear facing seats until they are at least 4 years old.

Our child seats and booster seat and cushion sets range from £225 to £500.

Prices correct at time of publishing (April 2021). Prices may vary for model and specification or for older models. Images for illustration only and design of item may vary for different vehicles.