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Volvo Nearly New Car Clearance at Johnsons in Gloucester and Solihull

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By buying a nearly new car you get many of the benefits of buying a new car such as a long warranty period, low mileage, and like-new condition but for a lower price compared to new.

Nearly new cars include pre-registered, or pre-reg, cars, which have already been registered to the dealership making us the first official owner, and therefore you’d be the second owner. As you’ll be the second owner, the car is technically “used” and so despite it having the remaining manufacturer warranty and normally less than 20 miles, you get it for a reduced price when compared to an equivalent ne model.

Nearly new also includes cars like Ex-Demonstrator cars that have been kept in outstanding condition as these are the cars we use to show off the Volvo luxury, performance, style an safety.

To make the most of this incredible offer, visit your preferred Volvo dealership today or give us a call to find out more – our expert team are ready and waiting to help you find your next perfect match!