Abarth PCH Lease Deals

Abarth Personal Contract Hire (PCH) deals are a form of lease. This is one of several great options for splitting the purchase of a brand-new Abarth into affordable monthly payments. Johnsons Abarth in Solihull and Swindon are proud to offer the entire range of new Abarth cars on PCH.

With an Abarth PCH (sometimes known as personal leasing) deal, you never own the car. Instead, this is a long-term hire agreement where you pay an initial rental followed by your monthly rentals for the term of your agreement. This means at the end of the agreement you can just hand the car back and then you are free to purchase or lease your next car. The amount you pay upfront on the initial rental and the number of miles you expect to drive affect how much you’ll need to pay each month.

Below are just some examples of Abarth cars on PCH leases available at Johnsons Abarth in Swindon and Solihull. If you don’t see your desired model or your desired mileage and deposit, our car finance experts can build a PCH offer around you.

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