Suzuki Electric and Hybrid Range

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With Suzuki, going hybrid doesn’t mean you’ll be skimping on performance – quite the opposite. Our hybrid systems are light and compact, and when combined with a lightweight chassis and responsive efficient petrol engine, this means you can expect nimble performance as well as improved efficiency.

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What are the different types of alternatively fuelled vehicles available?

Electric vehicles

Electrify your drive with an all-electric vehicle – also known as an EV or BEV. They feature a large battery propelled by a powerful electric motor, meaning there are zero emissions and fewer moving parts, meaning they are easier and cheaper to service. The ranges of these cars vary by model, but the latest EVs have plenty of range for most users.

Hybrid vehicles

Also known as self-charging hybrids, full hybrid vehicles combine two sources of power – the traditional petrol or diesel engine and an electric motor, which supports the engine at low speeds and during acceleration. It can also power the car entirely for short journeys, with the petrol/diesel engine waiting to step in for longer distances. There's no need to plug in, as the battery is charged by the engine and collects power when braking. Although it still encompasses a traditional engine, a hybrid vehicle will still emit far less CO 2 than their petrol equivalents. It could therefore be the perfect option if you don’t feel ready to make the jump to a fully electric car.

Plug-in hybrid vehicles

Plug-in hybrid vehicles, also known as PHEVs, give you the best of both worlds. By combining an electric motor with a traditional combustion engine, they dramatically reduce fuel consumption and emissions. They have a larger battery and electric motor than self-charging hybrid cars, allowing them to go further and faster on electric-only power. They can therefore provide you with excellent flexibility, offering you the benefit of driving purely electric for shorter journeys, but the peace of mind of having a petrol or diesel engine to fall back on for longer trips. They can be charged via a home-charging point or a public one – then get ready to u nplug and play!

Our plug-in hybrid vehicles: Suzuki Across

Mild hybrid vehicles

As the name suggests, mild hybrids are a ‘milder’ version of a self-charging hybrid – featuring a smaller motor and battery. This means they can't run on electric power alone, but instead the motor assists the engine during acceleration and the larger battery supports Start Stop and other power-consuming features of the car without the support from the engine. They are a popular option, as they help the petrol or diesel engine perform more economically, without the need to plug in. ŠKODA has recently announced a new e-TEC designation, which is reserved for cars equipped with mild-hybrid technology.

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