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Step inside​

Once you step inside the all-new Lexus ES you will feel right at home. The cockpit has been completely designed around the needs of the driver, but has also taken into consideration the needs of the front passenger, ensuring they have a spacious and comfortable area to enjoy every outing. These concepts were all crafted by the ES’s Chief Designer, Yasuo Kajino, to beautifully showcase the Lexus Future Interior platform, allowing you to experience a feeling like no other each time you take your rightful seat behind the wheel.

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Lexus ES interior


Further enhancing the interior of this standout saloon is the vast array of technology perfectly positioned to meet your needs. The centre console will house an impressive 12.3-inch multimedia display with second-generation remote touchpad, allowing you to navigate through the system with ease. It has integrated voice recognition to help understand your instructions too, which also extends to your mobile phone so you’re able to utilise smartphone’s capabilities while on the move.

Furthermore, there’s the option to integrate an advanced navigation system to get you to and from your destination with ease. Included within this are a number of other connected services that have all been designed with you in mind – take a seat inside to find out more for yourself.

Lexus ES exterior

All-New Lexus ES

The All-New Lexus ES is an outstanding saloon that has been built on the all-new Global Architecture – K (GA-K) platform to give this model unrivalled looks that help it to turn heads for all the right reasons. Put simply, Lexus has perfectly explored the limits of this mid-size luxury saloon’s design. Its stunning and distinctive silhouette has a strong downward slant that emphasises the model’s dynamic yet fluid shape.

This style continues to the rear end, which highlights its clean and sophisticated style with sharply chiselled edges. To complement this, the LED lamps wrap around the quarter panels to generate an impressive continuous styling line that can be viewed from any angle. You’re also able to let your personality shine through with a choice of 12 colours available, including a new beige and green shade.


Introducing the ES

Following the success of the first six generations of the Lexus ES, the seventh is set to be better than ever before, forging its own, more ambitious path that will leave you feeling thrilled each time you take your place inside.

It is more spacious, quieter and safer than its predecessors, as well as boasting a sharpened performance and a level of craftsmanship that’s rarely found in this market segment – we’re sure this is one model you’ll feel right at home in.

Perfect performance​

It has been built to deliver a fundamentally higher level of performance than any of its predecessors, according to the Chief Engineer, Yasuhiro Sakakibara. When creating this sublime model, the chassis team set out to provide a sense of comforting predictability that, coupled with a feeling of responsiveness, reacts to every moment to give the driver complete control each time they’re driving their car. The comfort provided by this model goes above any other as it delivers much more than a smooth ride.

The ES 300h is also equipped with a new fourth-generation self-charging hybrid drive system that has been designed to deliver exceptional fuel efficiency, alongside the best responsive performance. It also produces minimal emissions for a mid-size luxury saloon.

Stay safe​

Safety has been taken into consideration in the All-New Lexus ES to ensure both your and your passengers’ safety as well as those around you. The new low-light pedestrian detection system will help you to identify objects as the light starts to fade, and the daytime cyclist detection technology will ensure you don’t get caught out when you’re travelling through the busy city streets. You will also be able to take advantage of the built-in camera that will help you to identify information provided by road signs.

The Vehicle Stability Control system will detect side-slip on your wheels when cornering and will help to control it using the power distributed by the engine and selective power application of the individual brakes. This operates in conjunction with the anti-lock braking system and traction control to improve your overall handling in adverse conditions.

Test drive the all-new Lexus ES

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