Lexus Select Approved Pre-owned Benefits

At Johnsons Lexus we strive to bring you the best vehicles to suit your individual needs – this is no exception with our range of used vehicles. All of Used Lexus vehicles available from our Lexus dealership in Liverpool are part of the Lexus Approved Used Programme.

Approved Used Lexus Vehicles come with the service you’d expect when buying a Lexus car including at least one year’s warranty, one year’s roadside assistant, and full preparation and valeting.

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The benefits of the Lexus Approved Used Programme

Warranty and Roadside assistance

All approved Used Lexus cars come with at least one year, unlimited mileage warranty cover. This gives the reassurance you would expect when buying an Approved Pre-Owned Lexus.

New Lexus Cars come with 3 years warranty as standard, meaning that if your desired car is less than 2 years old (and has under 60,000 miles), it will have the remainder of this warranty left. Otherwise, we’ll apply a one year, unlimited mileage warranty to your Lexus vehicle which has the same level of cover as the Lexus new vehicle warranty, with the exception of batteries, interior trim and corroded exhausts. Instead, batteries and exhausts are covered for 3 months.

If this isn't enough, then it's easy to extend. Thanks to Lexus Relax, everytime you come back to us for a service, you will get a year's warranty* until your car is 10 years old or has 100,000 miles, giving you peace of mind for many years to come.

Most owners never need it, but your used Lexus will also come with Roadside Assistance that covers you from your home to 44 European Countries. We wouldn’t expect a fault in your car for you to need this, but this also covers accidents and punctured tyres.

*Lexus Relax warranty is a 1 year service-activated warranty available on vehicles after expiry of the original manufacturer’s warranty up to 10 years old / 100,000 miles when serviced at an official Lexus Centre. T erms and Conditions apply.

lexus approved used cars, johnsons lexus liverpool
lexus approved used cars, johnsons lexus liverpool

Fully Checked

Before you take delivery of your vehicle, it has been subjected to a long and comprehensive vehicle preparation. In terms of the car itself we will:

  • Ensure the car meets the current MOT requirements including a thorough light and brake check
  • Check that all the technology and audio systems are in full working audio
  • Check the Tyres condition and check that are the correct size and rating
  • Repair any marks, tears or burns on the interior
  • Ensure engine components are in full working order and ensure steering, brakes and suspension are in a good condition

Once that is all checked, we will make sure it looks as good as it is working but giving a thorough valet inside and out

It’s not just the actual car that gets checked, but it’s history as well to make sure it’s not stolen, not been involved in major accidents and has been cared for properly. These checks include:

  • Independent History Check – This checks that the vehicle is not stolen , does not have existing finance against it, has not been modified from the original description and has not been written off due to previous damage.
  • Independent Mileage Check – This ensure that the mileage clock on the vehicle has not been tampered with and does represent the true mileage of your vehicle.
  • Approved Service History – Lexus technicians know Lexus cars best so we ensure that every Lexus we sell has a full service history and that it has been service only be Lexus qualified technicians so you know your car has been properly looked after. For those vehicles lacking a full Lexus Service History, we will carry out a Lexus service and inform you about the service record.

Complete Happiness

We want you to be happy with your Lexus vehicle which is why Approved Used Lexus cars come with an exchange policy.

  1. Subject to the following terms and conditions, any vehicle purchased from a Lexus Centre ('the Centre') with Lexus Pre-Owned status ('the Vehicle') may be exchanged for another vehicle ('the Replacement Vehicle') at the same Centre, providing that:
    1. the Centre is satisfied that the Customer is a private purchaser (and not a trade purchaser or otherwise).
    2. the Centre is satisfied that, with the exception of fair wear and tear, the Vehicle is in the same condition as at the time of delivery to the Customer.
    3. the Vehicle is returned to the supplying Centre within 30 days of the delivery date.
    4. the Vehicle has covered no more than 1,000 miles since delivery to the Customer.
    5. the Centre is satisfied that the Customer owns the Vehicle and is fully entitled to exchange it under the Agreement.
  2. The Customer may choose any vehicle as the replacement vehicle, provided that:
    1. it is readily available at the same Centre, and
    2. it is of an equal or higher value than the original invoice price of the Vehicle.
  3. Before any exchange is effected under the Agreement, the Customer shall be responsible for making all the necessary arrangements relating to terminating, transferring, or taking out or otherwise dealing with the financing arrangements for the purchase of the original Vehicle and the Replacement Vehicle. Any exchange shall be subject to the Centre being satisfied with such arrangements. In particular if the original Vehicle is subject to a Hire Purchase Agreement, a new agreement must be completed and the relevant deposits paid by the Customer.
  4. Where the Customer has chosen a Replacement Vehicle with a higher price, the price difference must be paid to the Centre before the exchange takes place.
  5. The Customer will be responsible for any additional costs resulting from the exchange such as transferring insurance or personalised number plates.
  6. This Agreement only applies to the Vehicle purchased. Only one exchange will be considered and this Agreement shall not apply to any Replacement Vehicle.
  7. This Agreement does not affect any of the Customer's statutory rights.
lexus approved used cars, johnsons lexus liverpool