Lexus triumph again at What Car? Awards

Having enjoyed a reputation as one of the most reliable car brands available in the UK for years, Lexus have once again triumphed at the What Car? Awards, being named the UK’s most reliable car brand in the 2021 Reliability Survey.

The survey recorded real-world experiences from almost 13,000 UK drivers, with vehicles ranging from new to five years old, in which the Lexus badge shone for its trusted quality – plus the magazine also recorded impressive reliability from this esteemed marque for years beyond this timescale.

Alongside this remarkable reliability, new Lexus models have your safety at the forefront too – Lexus Safety System + complements and reinforces your driving abilities and defines a new era for accident prevention. Each Lexus vehicle is equipped with cutting-edge technology and the utmost attention to detail for a drive you will always look forward to.

Speaking about their success, What Car? Editor Steve Huntingford said: “Lexus has dominated our reliability charts for the past four years, and in 2020 it achieved an outstanding reliability rating of 98.7% for cars aged up to five years old, with owners reporting very few faults, and those that did occur being fixed quickly and for free. What’s perhaps even more impressive, though, was the fact that Lexus 96.0% for cars aged between six and 20 years old.”

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