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Free Climate Control Check

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Stepping into an overheated car on a summer’s day or spending a long drive in soaring temperatures can make any journey uncomfortable. Now you can

ensure the perfect in-car climate with Volvo’s air condition check. The efficiency and performance of air conditioning systems may gradually decrease for a number of reasons. And since this often happens little by little, you may not notice it until the system reaches the point where it suddenly can’t keep the temperature at all. By letting the Volvo workshop check your A/C regularly, you’ll avoid unnecessary problems.

Basically, an air conditioning systems functions according to the same principle as a refrigerator, removing heat from the inside and letting it out on the outside. But since the ECC (Electronic Climate Control) of a modern Volvo car is so immensely more complicated, you should always let the real experts have a look at it – the Volvo-trained technicians at the authorised Johnsons Volvo workshop.

This is why we're offering you a FREE 20-minute Climate Control check.