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Chloe Lay

Supporting the Teams
about work About me at Johnsons

I am part of the Fleet Support Team, I completed my Business Apprenticeship in 2018 and moved from the Delivery Team to Fleet Support. I put vehicle orders onto the system including new customers and also help with the customer’s finance documents and payments.

About me before Johnsons

I studied hairdressing as soon as I left school, I have been qualified since 2014! But I decided it wasn't for me. Then studied childcare in a private nursery for almost a year then finally decided a Business Apprenticeship was what I wanted to do.
about me I have a little black (partly grey) Cocker Spaniel called Connie, some people usually get confused with my name and her name too. I also support Aston Villa (only fun when we actually win!) I also have a very girly side as I own over 100 eyeshadow colours, too much makeup and shoes.

Random Fact

When I was 7 I once swallowed a wasp (surprisingly it didn't sting me)

Favourite Place

Usually anywhere where it’s warm and sunny. But if I had to choose a certain place it would be Barmouth, Wales as it’s a place that I call my second home, and a place where I have always been on holiday since I was a baby that holds a lot of fun and happy memories. I also go there at least once a year and also drive if I'm brave enough to tackle the hills and bends!