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Owning an Electric Car

The biggest advantage of choosing an electric Hyundai is that they require no petrol or diesel to run, they are entirely charged by electricity and therefore help to reduce your carbon footprint by producing less CO2 emissions. Powering these cars solely from electricity can also help you to keep your running costs down and allow you to save money in the long run.

Not only this – it also provides a smooth driving experience wherever you travel, regardless of whether you’re travelling at high or low speeds.

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Did You Know?

Did you know that electric cars first appeared in the mid-19th century and were powered by galvanic cells, better known as batteries? The first Hyundai electric car made by this impressive manufacturer was the Hyundai IONIQ, which arrived on the scene in July 2016 and has been making its mark ever since.

When you choose an electric car from Johnsons Hyundai, you can do so knowing that it’s in the best condition possible to allow you to make the most of your purchase for many years to come.

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Free Electric Health Check

At Johnsons Hyundai, our expert technicians understand exactly what makes an electric car tick, as we’ve had many years ensuring they’re always at their best. Whenever we carry out an inspection on a vehicle, we quickly detect any issues and put them right straightaway.

Our manufacturer-trained technicians are happy to pass on any information they find too, empowering you to keeps your electric car running like clockwork. The electric health check comes as part of our overall maintenance plan, but will cost £45 as a one-off inspection.


Electric Fun Facts

Although they may look the same to the naked eye, there are a number of differences that help electric cars stand out for all the right reasons. Firstly, they require less maintenance – other than the wiper blades and tyres, elements of the car last longer than their petrol and diesel counterparts. For example, as the vehicle uses regenerative braking to slow down, which means it’s converting the energy used to slow down into power for the battery, the brake pads will last longer.

As EV popularity increases, there are other benefits that you can expect to see, such as charging points overtaking the amount of petrol stations around the country by 2020! Why not join the revolution today?

How Long does the Battery Last? ​

Currently, the average life span of your car battery is between four and six years – but as technologies advance, it means the life in electric car batteries is ever-growing to give you more time to enjoy your vehicle before a replacement is required.

Not only does the increase in technology increase its life, it will also provide you with more power to give you an even more enjoyable time behind the wheel every time you venture out.

Hyundai offer a five-year unlimited mileage warranty to give you that extra piece of mind you require, also allowing you to rest easy knowing you’ve bought the best car possible.

Charging your Electric Hyundai 

As previously mentioned, the Hyundai electric car range also takes advantage of regenerative charging to support the power output of the battery, therefore allowing you to recharge your vehicle simply from the act of slowing down.

Just like any other electric vehicle, you will be able to get a charging point fitted at your home – free of charge – to ensure that you always have the power you need to take on any adventure, whether it be the daily commute to the office or taking the kids to or from school.

​Are Electric Cars Really Environmentally Friendly?​

Put simply, yes. They produce no CO2 emissions which are detrimental to the environment, therefore reducing your carbon footprint. The use of regenerative charging also means they’re relying even less on other fuel sources to give them the power they need.

At Johnsons Hyundai we’re committed to helping the environment by increasing the amount of environmentally friendly vehicles we have available – please get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Tell me more about fuel efficiency and mileage…

On average, an electric car is much more efficient to run than a fuel-driven one. As they aren’t using fuel sources to power their movement, once simple charge on mains electricity will work out much cheaper than a tank of fuel from a petrol station.

When we look at the Hyundai IONIQ as an example, it has an impressive 174-mile range that will let you get to and from your destination with ease without having to worry about running out of charge.

Is a Hybrid Car Affordable to Run?​

You’ll be very pleased to hear that the answer to this question is yes! As already mentioned, you are not relying on a fuel source to power your vehicle – you’re actually relying on the electricity from your own home, or another charging station, which comes at a much lower cost than petrol and diesel.

The maintenance costs are also reduced with an electric car so you won’t have to spend as much time getting your car serviced as you would with a conventional model.

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