Hyundai Electric and Hybrid Range

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At Johnsons Hyundai, we’re pleased to bring you a range of vehicles that’ll suit every driving need. This includes a range of electric and hybrid models that will not only help you to get more out of your time on the road, but help you to save money in doing so too – what could be better?

Hyundai give you the choice of both hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, as well as completely electric models that ensure you can easily get to your destination in style and comfort. You can choose from either the Hyundai KONA, which is available as a hybrid or fully electric model, or the Hyundai IONIQ, which comes as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or a full electric model. So, whether you’re looking for a compact SUV to take on the everyday commute, or a sleek and sophisticated salon that’ll help enhance your driving experience, we have the answer!

To find out more about either of these models and their engine variations, please get in touch with a member of the helpful and friendly team at your local Johnsons Hyundai today – they’ll be able to answer any questions you have about these models and their powertrains, and can book you in for a test drive so you can experience all of their amazing features first-hand.

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What are the different types of alternatively fuelled vehicles available?

Electric Vehicles

As the name of this category would suggest, models under this category run off nothing except electricity alone. Sometimes referred to EV or pure electric, they're large battery propels a powerful electric motor. This means the vehicles output no emissions themselves helping keep local positions alone. The ranges of these cars vary by model, but modern electric vehicles have plenty of range for most users. The battery can be charged via a public or home charge-point at a fraction of the cost of filling a fuel tank in a conventional vehicle.

Our electric vehicles:

Kona Electric | IONIQ Electric

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles is the term that normally relates to self-charging hybrid vehicles. They combine two sources of power - the traditional petrol or diesel engine we're used to and an electric motor. The electric motor powers the car when most fuel would normally be consumed by a traditional engine, at the point of acceleration. It can also power the car entirely for short journeys. On longer journeys, or when you need more power the traditional combustion engine kicks in. There's no need to charge the battery as this is charged by the engine and collects power when braking.

Our self-charging hybrid vehicles:

Kona Hybrid | IONIQ Hybrid | Tucson Hybrid

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

Plug-in Hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) fall in between self-charging hybrid vehicles and all-electric vehicles. They have a larger battery and electric motor than self-charging hybrid cars allowing them to go further and faster on electric only power. To support this larger battery, as well as the self-charging technology, the vehicles can be charged via a home-charging point or a public one. Finally, they also have a traditional combustion engine for when the electric range isn't enough.

Our plug-in hybrid vehicles:

IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid | Santa Fe

Mild Hybrid Vehicles

Unsurprisingly, a mild hybrid vehicle is a milder version of a hybrid (self-charging vehicle). They share a lot of similarities in having both a traditional combustion engine and an electric motor and battery that is charged by the engine and braking. However, the motor and battery in these cars is smaller than that in a self-charging hybrid. This means that it can't run on electric power alone, but instead the motor assists the engine during acceleration and the larger battery supports Start Stop and other power consuming features of the car without the support from the engine.

Our mild hybrid vehicles:

Tucson Mild Hybrid | i30 Mild Hybrid | i20 Mild Hybrid | Kona Mild Hybrid