New Hyundai KONA N The Nth degree

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Built for versatility and performance, the all-new KONA N is an adventurous powerhouse that puts the excitement back into driving. Far from your average SUV, this car has racing DNA and takes to the road with a dynamic spirit and rapid acceleration to match.

Find out more about the Kona N’s adrenaline-raising capabilities today at Johnsons Hyundai in Coventry, Liverpool, Oxford, Slough, Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth.

True Hot SUV Described as a ‘Hot SUV’ the new Kona N has undeniable versatility and power. Immaculately sculpted for a dynamic experience, it’s a model that will have you hooked from the moment you ignite the engine.
19-Inch Alloys Road Grip What would a sporty SUV be without a solid set of 19-inch alloy wheels? Not only do these add to the dominant presence of the Kona N, but their lightweight design makes for agile handling, and they provide superb grip for stable cornering.
Hyundai Kona N front side profile
Vibrant Colour Palette Bold Appearance Looks matter, as do first impressions. That’s why the new Hyundai Kona N comes with a vibrant colour palette guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. From Ignite Red to Performance Blue, you can stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.
Hyundai Kona N side profile
Refined Transmission Performance If you’re looking to take to the road with style and enjoy a seamlessly smooth ride wherever you travel, the Kona N won’t disappoint. The advanced eight-speed dual-clutch transmission gives you optimum control out on the road while optimising fuel-efficiency.
Contemporary and refined Discover the KONA N’s cockpit, which delivers on every level by providing an experience that cleverly combines sporty style with laid-back comfort. Take a look at just some of the features you can expect to find!
Every detail Race-inspired control, everyday comfort If you adore driving, you’ll love taking charge of your KONA N from the moment you slide into the race-car bucket seat. Every detail is designed to provide effortless command. What’s more, the sport bucket seats will help you feel like a race-car driver, wherever you go!
Hyundai Kona N stiched eats
Performance information Like racing in a game, but real Spice up your routines with a 10.25" digital cluster, a performance head-up display, and, of course, the N Power Shift. The 10.25" touchscreen displays driving data like the G-force factor. Better than your favourite game, in real life!
Hyundai Kona N driver display
Connectivity Calm and connected The KONA N brings you more data for more control over your car and your driving experience, like HP, torque, turbo boost and G-force. The touchscreen also displays exclusive N content, connects your phone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and gives you access to Hyundai’s Bluelink services.
Hyundai Kona N infotainment system
We're here to help Contact your local Johnsons Hyundai to find out more If you can’t wait to get behind the wheel of the all-new KONA N, contact your local Johnsons Hyundai in Coventry, Liverpool, Oxford, Slough, Sutton Coldfield or Tamworth. Our friendly team will be able to take you through its features and arrange that all-important test drive!