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Hyundai IONIQ Electric EcoTest Winner

Hyundai IONIQ Electric tops eco rankings

In the latest ADAC EcoTest rankings, conducted by the German automobile club, ADAC, the electric Hyundai IONIQ has been named the most diverse eco-car line-up.

The club has been conducting the EcoTests continuously since 2003 and each year they will add the results of every new vehicle test in to ensure the list always stays up to date with the newest models. In its current form Hyundai has three models currently represented on the list, with the IONIQ Electric at the top. It already passed the ADAC’s standardised test in 2017 where it immediately took the top position with a score of 105 points out of 110. Also on the list are the Hyundai Kona Electric and All-New Hyundai NEXO.

An ADAC EcoTest evaluates pollutant and CO2 emission both on the test bench and in real-road traffic to give you a true overview of the model. The IONIQ performs to a high standard in all test criteria, experts rewarded the exemplary low pollutant emissions with the maximum score of 50 points, and 55 out of 60 possible points for CO2 emissions.

The range of advanced technologies offered from Hyundai are what help to keep them on top. They are determined to help reduce vehicle emissions and prevent air pollution in cities by offering a range of alterative power systems, including electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell drive systems, making Hyundai the only car manufacturer to offer all electrified powertrains in production cars.

In addition to the IONIQ, the manufacturer’s first purely electric sub-compact SUV is also on this list – out of 109 vehicles tested by ADAC, the Kona Electric came our fifth, giving it a full 50 points for locally non-existent pollutant emissions and 46 points for CO2 emissions.

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