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Servicing your Motability Car

To maintain optimum day-to-day performance your Motability car should be serviced regularly. Your Motability service plan covers the cost of your car’s regular service plus any further general maintenance repairs. Regular services can either be at certain times during your lease, or after your car has exceeded a set mileage.

Work included in your service​

One of our Johnsons dealerships will be assigned as your managing dealer, ready to receive your car for all servicing and maintenance.

Standard regular services will usually include:

  • Lights
  • Engine oil
  • Windscreen washer fluid
  • Engine cooling system
  • Tyre tread
  • Tyre pressure (including the spare tyre)

The exact service will differ for each model. Additional checks (for example, brake pads or filters) may be performed as recommended by the manufacturer.

For any fitted adaptions (fitted as part of the Motability Managed Adaptations Programme at the start of your lease) your installer will let you know if any regular maintenance is necessary. If so, that maintenance will also be covered by your service plan.

johnsons motability servicing

We will contact you when a service is due. If they don’t, be sure to call them to arrange it. If your car has been well maintained throughout your lease, you may become eligible for a Good Condition Bonus.

Waiting while your car is serviced​

The time needed to perform each service may vary, so to avoid waiting at the dealership you may need to arrange alternative return transport. At Johnsons, we will supply a courtesy car (provided the service or repair is booked three weeks in advance). If the courtesy car is not suitable for your needs, we’ll offer an alternative where possible.

Your service history record

Please ensure that your dealer records each service with an official stamp in your car’s service book after each service. Keep your car’s complete service book safe and in good condition, as in future you may need to prove the car has been properly maintained.