Ford Privilege Help

Frequently Asked Questions about Ford Privilege

What is Ford Privilege?

The Ford Privilege Scheme is a voucher scheme that grants huge savings to eligible members. The discounts are substantial; you’d be surprised at what you could afford. Find out more here or see some example offers.

How do I know if I’m Eligible?

Your employer is likely to tell you if you’re eligible, but if you’re not sure it’s worth asking. To be eligible you have to be an Employee or Retiree of certain companies. More information is available here.

Is it worth it?

The Ford Privilege Scheme offers discounts that can be unmatched anywhere else. Depending on the model and specification of the car you’re looking at, savings can be up to £6,000! Just take a look at our offers and you’ll see the value of the scheme

I thought it was only available from a particular website?

The Ford Privilege Scheme is a discount scheme provided by Ford but supplied by Ford dealerships, just like ours. Some websites, however, give the impression that they are the sole provider of this scheme. While any Ford dealership can offer the discounts, it is dealerships such as Johnsons Ford that has the expertise to advise on who can get the offers and what offers are available.

What is the Ford Privilege Number?

There is not contact number for Ford Privilege itself. Ford Privilege is a discount programme offered by Ford but carried out by Ford dealers like us. You can contact us on 01215 147 741 .

Why should I come see you?

Johnsons Ford has an excellent reputation for local, friendly service. We are also located near many of the companies that are part of Ford Privilege which means we serve a lot of Privilege customers. This experience means we are knowledgeable about the latest and best Ford Privilege offers and also likely nearby for you. Learn more about our experience helping Ford Privilege customers.