New Alfa Romeo 4C Range

from Johnsons Solihull & Swindon

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Two types of 4C are produced by Alfa Romeo: the hardtop 4C and the convertible 4C Spider. Both drive with great poise and power to bring any journey to life.

Vast side air intakes, sporty brake callipers and a low stance all hint at the excitement that waits for you at the wheel. The use of carbon fibre and other lightweight materials makes sure the driving dynamic is as thrilling as possible.

The 4C Spider’s soft-top roof can be swapped for a carbon fibre top if you prefer, and this material is also used to construct the panel that covers the rollover bars. Both the convertible and hardtop benefit from the same 240bhp TBi engine, which propels the latter from 0-60mph in under 4.5 seconds.

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