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Welcome to the new Alfa Romeo Tonale – the marque’s inaugural compact SUV. If you have an obsession with great driving dynamics and a wish to electrify your driving game, this could be the model for you.

The new Tonale takes the next step in elevating the synergy of man and machine for a more visceral driving experience, thanks to the latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). By reaching Level 2 autonomous driving, driver and passenger alike can appreciate the added safety and first-class comfort it brings.

Thanks to next-generation software architecture, the Tonale offers a full set of technological innovations. It’s the first car to ever adopt an NFT blockchain certification, which can essentially register vehicle data to generate a confidential and non-corruptible record of the vehicle’s life. What’s more, the new Tonale boasts Amazon Alexa voice assistant and exclusive Amazon services, providing an eco-system of integrated digital services to ensure the very best on- and off-board experience.

To discover more about all the specifications and features of the exciting new Alfa Romeo Tonale, simply read on.

Functional beauty The new Alfa Romeo Tonale has a standout design that combines the marque’s stylistic features – reinterpreted in the name of modernity and functionality – with the characteristics of true Italian design.
Unmistakable signature DNA by design The floating Alfa Romeo shield stands out loud and proud on the nose, while the full LED adaptive Matrix 3+3 headlights create an unmistakable signature – true to the purest Alfa Romeo DNA.
20-inch ‘Teledial’ alloy wheels Sideways look The side line of the Tonale – inspired by the Alfa Romeo GT – conveys sensuality and athleticism in the car’s body, while the design of the 20-inch ‘Teledial’ alloy wheels reinterprets the perforated telephone dial theme of 1960s cars, such as the 33 Stradale.
Distinctive lighting Light your own way The rear lights form a sine curve that fully wraps around the back of the Tonale, making it a truly unique and distinctive lighting signature that won’t leave you in the dark.
Enhanced driving pleasure The new Alfa Romeo Tonale has been designed with the driver firmly in mind – prestigious materials and premium finishes, together with the unexpected back light of the dashboard, create an instant Alfa Romeo ambiance as soon as you step inside.
14-speaker sound system Sound of a new era Excite your passion for driving and allow yourself to become utterly absorbed in the rich tones and vibrations of the Harman Kardon 14-speaker sound system. Every detail has been specifically crafted to fill your journey with a harmony of impeccable performance and captivating beauty.
The ‘Cannocchiale’ cluster Driver-centric cockpit Meet the ‘Cannocchiale’ cluster – the ‘telescopic’ instrument panel from Alfa Romeo. A 12.3-inch fully digitised display, which is configurable with multiple options, it enables you to receive alerts from active safety systems, clearly see charging information, and put navigation front and centre.
10.23-inch touch display In touch with the future Experience a cutting-edge infotainment system with the Tonale’s 10.23-inch touch display with wireless mirroring, thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – complete with widgets and Alfa Connect services for an intuitive home-feeling on the open road. Featuring a multi-tasking interface, you can personalise the tech to fit your journey.
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