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New Alfa Romeo 4c Spider

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New Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

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Alfa Romeo rewarded visitors to the 2015 Detroit Motor Show with a look at its new 4C Spider, the convertible alternative to the 4C coupé. This open-top version adds even more visual appeal with its electronically-adjustable roof, and continues to impress with an exciting driving dynamic.

The unconventional convertible

Traditional sports car convertibles arrive with a soft-top fabric roof or a rigid hardtop - the 4C Spider will deliver both. Just the soft-top will be available from launch, with the optional hardtop coming soon after. Surprisingly, the addition of a folding roof and all the mechanisms it requires hasn't added significantly to the car's weight, and not enough to hinder performance at all - the Spider is only 10kg heavier than the coupé.

Athletic good looks

Whether the roof is open or closed, the 4C's profile will continue to turn heads. The two-door shape includes exaggerated rear proportions with a large air intake seen on each flank. The flowing body rides up towards the top of the rollover bar, while at the very front an arrow-shaped grille sits between two other curved intakes. The model keeps a low profile in true sports car fashion, aiding its aerodynamics and therefore performance.

Endless energy on the road

Spearheading the drive is Alfa Romeo's 237bhp mid-mounted 1.7-litre engine. This turbocharged four-cylinder unit is married to a six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox for smooth power delivery, and the combination helps the 4C Spider to hit 60mph from standing in around 4.1 seconds. To complement the physical sensation of this confident acceleration, there's the option for a centrally-mounted Akrapovic exhaust that produces a thrilling growl when the accelerator dips and the roof is open.

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