​Alfa Romeo Giulia review

Unveiled to the world in June 2015, the new Alfa Romeo Giulia saloon is a real eye-catcher. Eagerly awaited for the last 30 months, the compact exec will hit our roads in the spring of 2016.

The team behind the Giulia had to offer something new and different to produce this much more radical replacement for the Alfa Romero 159. To make this possible Alfa called on the expertise of its chief engineer, Philippe Krief, formerly of Ferrari. Working with ten specialists across a variety of departments, the project was carried out away from the normal Alfa research and development centre. Krief’s Ferrari background is clear to see in the Giulia, as he introduced elements of the Maranello into the chassis dynamics.

Krief says of the project: “We had two targets: first, weight-to-power ratio. We knew that we wanted to have a car around 1,500kg. Then we needed to do the optimisation, to decide where we wanted to save weight.

“We also decided on the cost criteria: you have to save weight where it’s efficient, but to save weight you always have to pay. Suspension arms are mostly aluminium, front and rear, the engines are aluminium, the doors and fenders are all in aluminium, the boot is carbon fibre, the roof also, we have also the prop shaft in carbon fibre and structure of the seats.”​

The result is a stunningly beautiful piece of engineering, which will get Alfa fans purring as soon as it arrives. You can find out more about the Alfa Romeo Giulia and register your interest for a test drive when it is released by contacting Johnsons Alfa Romeo today.

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