Your Trusty Workhorse​ FIND OUT MORE
Fiat Ducato Dropside Cab interior

Your Trusty Workhorse​

This is one model you can rely on to meet all of your transportation needs. For over 35 years, Fiat have been creating this model to deliver reliability and dedication to every person who drives one. They take on your mission in helping you transport goods to the best of your ability by providing you with a model that perfectly fits your individual needs. The fixed load bed with impressive carrying capacity means you’re easily able to transport items to their destination, no matter their obscure nature.

Efficient Fuel Consumption​ FIND OUT MORE
Fiat Ducato Dropside Cab gear stick

Efficient Fuel Consumption​

Although the Ducato Dropside Cab comes with a variety of engine options, from the 115 diesel MultiJet to the 180 MultiJet, you’ll be sure that you’re getting the most efficient engine to suit your individual business requirements. Each engine has been designed to accompany you on every mission, while reducing emissions and keeping your fuel consumption to a minimum. Not only is this model ecological, it’s also great value for money.

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Fiat Ducato Dropside Cab side

Visibility Made Easier​

While you’re on the road, your ability to see what lies ahead is crucial. For this reason, this model has LED daytime running lights built into its design that provide 40% more light efficiency, and to protect them from any unwanted impact, they are set in a protected position above the sectional bumper. To keep this model at its best when carrying goods, the load platform floor is lined with a robust marine plywood and the reinforced body has improved its robustness, durability and reliability.

Windshield side mouldings provide water management, channelling rainwater onto the roof instead of allowing it to flow onto the side windows, where it can interfere with visibility. The shape of the moulding and the shape of the leading edge of the windshield frame have also been fine-tuned in a wind tunnel testing unit to minimise wind noise. You can also benefit from the option of adding two layers of Solex® glass to help keep the interior cool and provide protection against glare and ultra-violet rays.

Efficient & robust

Maximum Cabin Comfort​

To deliver maximum comfort to the driver and passenger, the front seats can be heated by the simple press of a button, while the hydraulic spring and damping system cushions the vehicle’s movements to make the seats extremely comfortable no matter what terrain you’re tackling. And to provide you with an on-the-go office, thanks to the central seat that folds flat to reveal a practical table, you’re able to check your emails while you’re parked up or tuck into a bit of lunch with ease in the Ducato Dropside Cab. To support this, you can also make the most of the multifunctional device holder that will support tablets and smartphone with up to 10-inch screen, making it easier than ever before to keep your office at your side.

The comfort-matic robotised gearbox offers maximum comfort when driving, especially in cities, as well as increasing fuel economy to reduce emissions given off by the vehicle. There are two available operating methods – sequential or completely automatic – so you can choose your favourite driving style.

Fiat Ducato Dropside Cab Upholstery

Safety Features Throughout​

The Ducato Dropside Cab has a number of advanced safety features fitted throughout its design to ensure you’re at your safest on every outing. The electronic stability control takes over automatically in emergency situations, such as if you have to swerve suddenly to avoid an obstacle. It monitors lateral acceleration, speed, grip and the steering wheel angle, then processes the data and, if necessary, regulates the torque and braking system to restore perfect stability to the vehicle. To support this, a rollover mitigation system has been added to prevent the risk of rolling over at high speeds and will reduce the amount of roll when cornering at low speeds.

You can also benefit from the hill holder technology, which brakes the vehicle during hill-starts, stopping it from rolling backwards without the need to use the handbrake. It will then release the brake automatically. The Traction+ system helps to improve grip on slippery surfaces; in the presence of ESC and low grip on one of the driving wheels, torque is transferred to the wheel with the best grip on the road. This improves handling and guarantees better directional stability.

Fiat Ducato Dropside Cab Lifestyle

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