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New Fiat 500 Range from Johnsons Solihull

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Few other model ranges are as varied as Fiat’s 500 family. What started with the 500 city car has grown to encompass the 500c convertible, 500x crossover SUV, 500L MPW and others. By learning about all of these different variations you can select the 500 that is a perfect match for you.

The 500 and 500c are all about style and driving enjoyment with their bold looks and attractive cabins. If you want a more rugged aesthetic, the 500x with its raised stance and bumper protection should satisfy. The 500L has expanded dimensions to give buyers maximum capacity inside.

While each 500 has its own individual personality, they all arrive well equipped and with efficient engines under the bonnet. Bluetooth®, Fiat Uconnect and its eco:Drive technology are standard-fit or optional extras across the model collection. Fiat’s award-winning Twinair engine also features, and it emits less than 100g/km of CO2 in certain models.

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