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Clever and Intuitive Technology

The S-Max’s technology is as modern and fresh as its look. Its Traffic Sign Recognition feature will help you keep track of speed limit changes and other key information. It's Smart Regenerative Charging ensures the battery is only being charged when needed, improving the S-Max’s efficiency. The intelligent AWD system adapts to changing conditions, keeping your drive safe and smooth, whatever the weather. Other clever features include the Glare-Free Highbeam, to give you great visibility without comprising others on the road. Ford’s SYNC 3 system will keep you connected and on-course, wherever you go.

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Safe and Sound

The S-Max’s electric power-assisted steering offers greater control, comfort and precision. It also accounts for things like crosswinds, reducing unwanted drifting in bad weather. With its Emergency Brake Technology, the S-Max will automatically apply extra brake power if you need it. This is done via its Electronic Stability Control, which also reduces stopping distances and improves the car’s grip on the road, stabilising individual wheels as and when it’s required. The advanced airbag system offers the best possible protection for everyone inside. And for young families, there are ISOFIX attachment points in the rear, allowing you to comfortably fit two child seats.

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Smooth Design

The S-Max’s exterior design is both sleek and robust. The different trim levels allow you to customise the S-Max to suit your needs, but all of them include alloy wheels as standard. Its interior also combines stunning aesthetics with practicality. The spacious inside can seat up to seven people, with all five rear chairs easily foldable. The boot has plenty of room too. For the driver and front passenger, you can upgrade to multi-contour seats, which can even massage you on those long journeys. The electronically operated sunroof offers panoramic views whilst also keeping everyone protected from UV rays with its solar reflective glass.

Elegant styling

Driving in Confidence and Style

Whether you're the chauffeur of your family or an adventurer embarking on your next trip, this car has everything. Despite its large size and spacious seven-seater interior, it's also aerodynamic and has clean lines for a smooth and sporty appearance. The multi-link rear suspension is light, robust and well-tuned to the car’s needs – ensuring a comfortable and responsive drive, every time. The Emergency Brake Assist technology helps to maximise the S-Max’s braking effectiveness. It’s automatically controlled through the Electronic Stability Control system and senses how much pressure you manually apply to the brake and automatically increases it should the need arise. The Active Grille Shutter smartly and automatically controls the amount of cooling air that enters the engine compartment. This allows it to reduce drag, improving your fuel economy, and the warm-up time for the engine too.

Superb Performance: Fast and Efficient

You have a choice of transmission options, including the six-speed Powershift automatic transmission, for a smoothness and efficiency that doesn’t lose out on power. The six-speed manual option provides high torque capacity and precise gear controls. You can even choose Paddle Shifters, should you wish to change gears from your fingertips at the steering wheel. The S-Max’s Auto-Start-Stop feature makes it great for towns and cities. It will automatically switch off the engine when you’re waiting at lights, or stopped in traffic, and start up again as soon as you need to move off. Just depress the clutch and select first gear, or push down on the accelerator in an automatic. It does all of this without losing power to the essentials like the radio and Ford SYNC system.

Smarter and More Convenient

The S-Max’s interior is both practical and spacious, with seating for up to seven people. All five rear chairs fold easily, and the multiple combinations mean you can adjust to suit the number of passengers and amount of luggage very easily. While an eight-inch touchscreen and DAB radio come as standard in the S-Max, you have a range of upgrade options available. Ford’s exclusive Sony Hi-Fi, for instance, includes navigation and improved amplification and sound. The SYNC 3 multimedia system includes intuitive voice controls. This is great for selecting and changing destinations, hands-free, and will also display nearby restaurants if you simply say, “I’m hungry.” With MyKey, you can even customise sound preferences if your family has multiple drivers who switch around regularly.

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Verastile, elegant and dynamic, the S-Max is a great car that will suit many people. Whether you have a young family, or an older one. Lots of passengers, or lots of luggage. Whether you make mostly short journeys, or lots of long-hauls, there’s something here that everyone will love. And you can test drive yours by contacting us today. Find your nearest Johnsons Ford dealership now, and reach us online via our enquiry form or Live Chat. Alternatively, give us a call or pay us a visit, and we’ll be happy to talk with you more and arrange a test drive.