Škoda Electric

Benefits of driving electric

Want to know more about the advantages of electrified motoring…?

Travel far and wide with zero emissions - With an all-electric car, you can complete every journey while producing zero harmful emissions.
Relaxed motoring - Because a pure-electric powertrain features low-noise motors, it offers a whisper-quiet driving experience, something that can’t be said of a typical combustion-engined vehicle. There are many other advantages to driving electric…
Low running costs – A 100% electric vehicle like the Enyaq iV or Enyaq Coupé IV is exceptionally cost-effective to run, simply because electricity is cheaper than petrol/diesel. Such vehicles save you money on Vehicle Excise Duty too.
Choosing the vehicle to suit you Your vehicles. Your way. Anywhere. Not ready to go 100% electric yet? Škoda has excellent hybrid solutions.

Types of electric/hybrid vehicles explained

An electric Škoda is as kind to bank balances as it is to the environment.

    Electric An EV such as the Enyaq iV is propelled by an electric motor, which is powered by a battery that requires manual charging. Charging can be done at home, at work or with one of more than 70,800 public connectors located around the UK. Electric vehicles are not only highly efficient, they’re 100% eco-friendly since they produce no harmful emissions.
    Plug-in hybrid While a PHEV runs principally on fuel, it’s capable of an all-electric range (an average of 37 miles), which means it’s very fuel-efficient and produces low emissions levels. PHEVs require external charging.
    Hybrid A hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) such as the Octavia E-Tec is propelled by a combustion engine which is supported by an electric motor (which is powered by a self-charging battery). While ensuring enhanced efficiency, hybrid cars deliver improved performance, including instant torque, which equates to rapid acceleration.
    Mild hybrid A mild hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) is a good jumping-on point if you’re used to a conventional car. While it’s also equipped with a combustion engine, this is boosted by an electric motor, which is powered by a self-charging battery.


    If you have any electric-related queries, be sure to browse our frequently asked questions first. If you require more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Johnsons Cars Škoda team.

    Are electric cars automatic?


    The vast majority are, yes.

    What is a hybrid car?


    A hybrid car (such as the Octavia e-TEC) has a combustion engine which is boosted by an electric motor (which is powered by a self-charging battery).

    What is a plug-in hybrid car?


    While a plug-in hybrid car is similar to a hybrid, it’s capable of an all-electric range (an average of 37 miles). Unlike a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid requires manual charging.

    How long does it take to charge an electric car?


    It takes the Enyaq iV roughly 42 minutes to undergo a 20% to 80% charge when using a rapid-charging (50kW) public access point.

    Should I buy an electrified car?


    Doing so would help you to save money in the long run, and it will produce fewer or even zero emissions. For impartial advice, please contact your local Johnsons Cars Škoda team at your earliest convenience.

    How does an electric car work?


    It derives power from an electric motor which is energised by a high-capacity battery (and which requires manual charging at home, at work or out and about). An electric car produces zero CO2 and NOx emissions and is very cost-effective to run.

    How does a hybrid car work?


    A hybrid car (the Octavia e-TEC, for instance) is equipped with a combustion engine which is boosted by an electric motor. This ensures enhanced fuel economy and lower emissions than a conventional car. What’s more, a hybrid vehicle is self-charging.

    Are electrified cars better for the environment?


    Absolutely. For instance, the Enyaq iV produces zero harmful emissions.