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Intuitive Technology that Puts you First

The Galaxy is packed with features that you are sure to love. Ford’s intelligent AWD system adapts the car’s torque to changing conditions, ensuring the Galaxy’s handling is responsive in all weathers, and improving efficiency too. The Traffic Sign Recognition feature can be switched on so you don’t miss key speed limit changes. And Smart Regenerative Charging ensures the battery is only being charged when needed, improving your fuel efficiency. Optional Force Dynamic LED headlights work brilliantly with the Adaptive Lighting. Because of the LEDs’ brightness and precision, they can automatically adjust to give you the best visibility as the road and weather conditions change.

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Ensuring your Safety with Every Drive

The Galaxy’s advanced Intelligent Protection System will keep you driving safely. It co-ordinates a series of safety systems, providing the best possible protection for you and your passengers. This includes Emergency Brake Technology: automatically applying extra brake power if needed via the Electronic Stability Control. This has the added advantage of decreasing the car’s stopping distances, and improving its grip by stabilising individual wheels with precision. The airbag system is also very advanced, providing protection within the vehicle’s interior. And young families can comfortably fit two child seats, using the ISOFIX attachment points in the back.

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Designed for a Quality Drive

The Galaxy’s exterior design is both sleek and sturdy. The front includes a crisp chrome finish, with the iconic Ford badge sitting proudly on the bonnet. Its interior is also as functional as it is pleasing to the eye. Designed with smart, clean shapes, it has a fresh and modern look which helps it feel all the more spacious. You’ll also notice how versatile it is. While you can easily fit seven people in at once, the seats can be adjusted and folded down electronically at the touch of a button.


Sophisticated Space for a More Fulfilling Drive

The Galaxy is one of the most stylish MPVs on the market. From its attractive exterior design, to its interior make up and driving capacity, this car has everything you need. It's not only ideal for busy families with its practical element, but it's also perfect for those who seek adventure. Enjoy pure comfort everyday with heated seats that also massage, as well as state-of-the-art technologies designed to improve your driving experience. Safety is also paramount in the Galaxy, with the Intelligent Protection System incorporating a range of clever technologies to keep you and your passengers safe. Electronic Stability Control improves the car’s grip and stopping distances. Curve Control makes handling on bends that much easier, and Roll Stability Control offers greater protection from the car rolling over. Driving the Galaxy is therefore as fun as it is easy.

Power and Efficiency

Depending on your preference, there’s a range of either petrol or diesel options available for the Galaxy, each offering something unique. For diesel you have four power options: 120bhp, 150bhp, 180bhp or the bi-turbo 210bhp. For petrol cars, the EcoBoost engine is available with direct fuel injection and turbo charging, maximising both performance and efficiency. There’s also a range of automatic and manual options, including the six-speed Powershift automatic – for a smoothness and efficiency that doesn’t lose out on power. Paddle Shifters are available too, offering you easy gear changes from the steering wheel. While the engines themselves are efficient, technologies like Auto-Stop-Start improve this further. The engine will switch off when you’re waiting at lights or in traffic (without cutting power to the systems you’re using, like air conditioning or navigation), saving you fuel and reducing emissions.

Technology and Smart Features

The Galaxy’s front includes a tiny panoramic camera, which is relayed as a split screen image on your display inside. This Front Wide-View Camera allows you to see cyclists, pedestrians and motorists, and the greater visibility is also handy for tight manoeuvres or busy roads. The Active Park Assist technology also helps with manoeuvres at the push of a button. Its sensors can locate a suitable space as you drive past, then steer you in, while you stay in control of the accelerator, gears and brakes. Equally useful is the Hill Start Assist. This works by maintaining pressure to the braking system for an extra 2-3 seconds, as your foot moves between pedals, to stop you rolling back on hills or slippery surfaces.

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Versatile, spacious and clever, the Galaxy is an ideal multi-purpose vehicle. You can rely on the Galaxy, whether you need it for lots of people or lots of luggage, whether you’re making the school run or the daily commute. Or if it’s all the above - and more besides - the Galaxy won’t let you down. You can test drive yours by contacting Johnsons today. Find our closest Ford dealership to you, and reach us online via our enquiry form or Live Chat. Alternatively, give us a call or come and see us, and we’ll be only too glad to help and present you the best offers.