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Tough Terrain Capability FIND OUT MORE
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Tough Terrain Capability

A compact frame makes it fun to drive in the city, but a finely-tuned chassis makes it more than capable in tougher terrain. Switch through various driving modes to excel on sundry roads. Stay on the Normal driving mode for a smooth performance along the motorway. Turn to Sport when you want some fun winding around country lanes with sharper steering and more aggressive acceleration. Select off-road and the car will stay in lower gears for better traction, plus the descent control spurs into action. Take the car off the main roads with confidence thanks to the 183mm of ground clearance allowing you to tackle rough terrain.

An Array of Engines FIND OUT MORE

An Array of Engines

Starting with a 1.0-litre petrol in the SE specification through to a potent 2.0-litre TDI diesel with four-wheel drive, drivers are encouraged to create a bespoke order. Few SUVs are so generous with their options list as the new Karoq. With CO2 emissions as little as 113g/km, it’s designed for everyday driving and champions true practicality.

Sensory Support FIND OUT MORE
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Sensory Support

When your concentration dips, the Karoq has your back. Driver Fatigue Warning sends you alerts if detects that your focus is waning, putting you back on track. When you’re in the city driving at low speeds, Autonomous Braking uses radars to detect potential hazards alerting you to stop. Fail to do so in time and it will automatically apply the brakes for you.


Hello SUV

The infamous Yeti has been replaced by a new icon, the Karoq. Now a crossover SUV, it’s styling is instantly eye-catching. Tall and bold, it looks sporty and powerful, taking many of its styling cues from the already-established Kodiaq. With it soft- curvy body, it makes the most of SUV’s signature appearance. Look to the nose and you’ll notice its rounded profile; cast your eye along the side and you’ll see a smooth sculpt; turn to the rear and huge bumper catches your attention. Much of the SUV-looks comes from the shape rather than the size. It’s still a compact car with a slim frame that’s easy to park. Taller than a hatchback but not quite a full-sized SUV, it won’t take over your drive or stand out from others on the road. It fits in, but the minimal design makes it fresh and instantly attractive – no matter what your tastes.

New ŠKODA Karoq lifestyle

Professional Versatility

Family cars need to be versatile. Arrange the interior of the Karoq exactly how you need it by choosing a VarioFlex version with a sliding rear bench. Move it forward to create more room in the boot with up to 588 litres on offer, or leave it in a more relaxing position for passengers looking for extra legroom. Even with the seats positioned as far back as they’ll go, there’s 421 litres to hold the luggage. For adventures with sports gear, remove the seats all together and make use of a cavernous 1,810-litre area. It’s all made possible by a long wheelbase that’s barely noticeable from the exterior.

New ŠKODA Karoq Panoramic Sunroof

Prime Comforts

Comfort takes centre stage in the Karoq with its minimalistic cabin with a focus on paring back the design for a clutter-free spacious feel. With a central tunnel housing the gear knob and armrest, it evokes saloon-like relaxation. The only giveaway is your elevated seating position that serves to expand your view of the road. Sink into supportive seats that are designed to keep you comfortable during long journeys, and enhance the tactility by choosing the suede finish. Choose a high-spec trim level for ambient lighting to set the mood at night and a panoramic sunroof to keep you alert by day.

New ŠKODA Karoq upholstery

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The ŠKODA Karoq sets the bar high for how every compact SUV should be with its versatility nature, strong performance and £21,495 price tag. Discover how it feels to drive and the ways you can personalise it suit you better with a test drive from Johnsons ŠKODA in Wigan, Birmingham or Liverpool. Call us today and we’ll make sure you hear about the latest offers.

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