Škoda Accessories

Personalising your Škoda to match your needs and your lifestyle has never been easier.

At your Johnsons Škoda dealership in Birmingham, Burntwood, Liverpool, Redditch, Stourbridge, Wigan & Wolverhampton, we have a vast selection of accessories that you can choose from, to help you enjoy your Škoda more than ever before. Whether it’s something small such as small mats or sidesteps to make your Škoda SUV more accessible, Johnsons Škoda can provide genuine Škoda accessories, and can fit them if you need.

Additional fixtures can transform your Škoda into a luxurious oasis, cocooned from the hustle and bustle of the world outside. Active Ipad2 ® mounts are available to show movies to passengers in the rear seats, as are hot and cold boxes to preserve food or drink according to your preferences.

With genuine Škoda accessories, you can rest in the knowledge that your chosen accessory will fit your vehicle perfectly. Some 3rd party accessories may not fit properly meaning unsightly gaps or colour differences, or sometimes even damage to your vehicle.

To discover more about the range of accessories that can help you to experience your Škoda to the full, take a look at the brochure on our website.

Download your Škoda accessory brochure

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