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Practical. Solid. Strong Find Out More
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Practical. Solid. Strong

With its optional third row of seats, the ŠKODA Kodiaq comfortably accommodates seven people. The generous capacity and potential for 2,065 litres of storage space make it one of the most practical family models on the market. It is also perfect for off-roading, and its sturdy exterior keeps it ready for action.

Contemporary Design Find Out More
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Contemporary Design

Practicality does not hinder the vehicle’s sleek, sporty style. Front exterior features include a 3D radiator grille and high-set fog lamps. The Kodiaq is also the first ŠKODA to include full LED headlights. At the rear, the SUV exudes the VisionS design with the unbeatable storage space and iconic ŠKODA ‘C’ shaped headlights.

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ŠKODA Kodiaq front headlight

A Striking Presence

Choose from a variety of different specs to suit your needs, including manual or automatic, different engine sizes, DSG 7-speed dual-clutch transmission or four-wheel drive.

TSI – Available in 1.4-litre (123bhp and 147bhp) or 2.0-litre (177bhp) with direct fuel injection and a turbocharger – whilst maintaining efficiency.

TDI – Available in four-cylinder engines with direct fuel injection and a turbocharger. The 2.0-litre has 147bhp to 187bhp outputs, along with brake energy recover.

A Striking Presence

Meet the ŠKODA Kodiaq

The Kodiaq SUV is the first ŠKODA model to offer seven seats, making it a practical and spacious solution, while maintaining sporty aesthetics. Innovative technology keeps the Kodiaq at the top of its game. Performing well as both a safe family car and a sturdy off-road vehicle, it’s a superbly versatile 4x4.

Škoda Kodiaq Lifestyle

Clever Features & Technology

The Kodiaq is a great choice for families and businesses. Designed with the driver in mind, this seven seater provides exceptional comfort and has stunning interior features. The new ŠKODA Kodiaq can be customised to fit your personal desires for the ultimate driving experience. New features include Adaptive Cruise Control, heated front seats, luxury interiors and climate control technology.

Škoda Kodiaq Front Interior


The new ŠKODA Kodiaq provides excellent levels of space and comfort for passengers, as well as generous boot space. Driving is a breeze with clear visibility. There’s also an array of ‘Simply Clever’ features in the cabin, including umbrellas hidden in the front door, a torch built into the boot and rear headrests that fold out, allowing you to rest your head on the side.

Škoda Kodiaq Back Seats


As one of the most practical and versatile SUVs on the market, the new ŠKODA Kodiaq is expected to enhance the driving experience for all. Prices start from just £21,495, and you can personalise your Kodiaq with a range of exciting features from the Simply Clever range, as well as a choice of four trim levels. This award-winning car manufacturer is expected to win big again with the Kodiaq.

The new ŠKODA Kodiaq is available to test drive from one of our dealerships in Wigan, Birmingham and Liverpool. Contact Johnsons ŠKODA today.

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