Tyre and Alloy Insurance

You've just bought a new car but is it protected?

New alloy wheels are one of the most visually pleasing elements of a brand-new car, yet are also one of the most susceptible to scratches and scuffs against kerbs. Similarly, tyres are not only the part of a car that endures the most wear and tear – they are also vulnerable to punctures, abrasions, and vandalism.

Along with financing for your new car, the salespeople at your local Johnsons dealership will be able to provide you with a comprehensive alloy and tyre insurance policy to compensate you if these essential yet exposed parts of your vehicle are damaged. This type of protection is even more highly recommended if you frequently have to travel on poor road surfaces. It covers you for a certain number of separate incidents of damage, generally over a period of between one and four years.


  • Unexpected road defects or even malicious actions can cause damage to your tyres or alloy wheels eveif you are the most careful of drivers.
  • Replacing tyres or repairing alloy wheels can be expensive, especially if you haven't budgeted for them, so it may be worth considering protecting yourself financially.


  • Tyres
The cost of a repair to a tyre (where possible) or a replacement tyre in the event of accidental or malicious damage.

Tyre replacements are limited to five (5) during the policy term, at a maximum amount including VAT as detailed on the policy schedule, which will be:

£250 per replacement and £1,250 in total.

Unlimited tyre repairs, up to a maximum of £50 per repair including, but limited to the maximum amount detailed on the policy schedule during the policy term.

Where necessary, repairs will include the cost of a replacement valve, wheel balancing and environmental disposal.

  • Alloy Wheels
The cost of a repair to an alloy wheel in the event of accidental or malicious damage.

Alloy wheel repairs are limited to ten (10) during the policy term, at a maximum of £150 per repair including VAT and £1,500 including in total.

A contribution towards a replacement alloy wheel in the event it is damaged beyond repair, up to a maximum of £150 including VAT per alloy wheel.


x Any alloy wheel or tyre damage which is not reported within thirty (30) days of the incident date.

x Any claim where the tyre tread depth does not comply with UK road traffic regulations at the incident date.

x Any alloy wheel or tyre damage where the damage has been accumulated over an extended period, which is deemed to be wear and tear.

x Any damage to an alloy wheel showing evidence of rust or corrosion.

x Any claim relating to a tyre or alloy wheel that is not fitted to the vehicle or damage that was present at the start of the policy.

x Any claim relating to a road traffic accident or as a result of fire, theft or flood.

x Any claim for malicious damage that is not accompanied by a crime reference number.

x Consequential damage, loss or injury of any kind.


! Cover only applies where the accidental or malicious damage is a result of a sudden and unforeseen event.

! You must be resident in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

! You must have purchased the policy from the supplying dealer no later than thirty (30) days after purchasing the vehicle.

! The vehicle must not be an emergency vehicle, commercial vehicle, taxi, courier vehicle, bus, minibus, coach, truck, motor home, trailer, heavy goods vehicle, licenced private hire vehicle, daily rental vehicle or breakdown and recovery vehicle.

! The vehicle must not be used for commercial or business use, dispatch, hire and reward, driving school tuition, chauffeuring, road racing, track days (timed or untimed), rallying, pace-making, speed testing or any other competitive event.

! Wheels that are of chrome finish, polished finish or split rim construction.


If you have already purchased a Johnsons Smart Plus Product, your Alloy Wheels will already be covered. Therefore if you proceed with this purchase you'll be paying twice for Alloy Wheel cover - in this case, this product should only be purchased if you wish to also insure your tyres.

For further information on the alloy and tyre insurance policies available at Johnsons, get in touch with your local dealer today.