Nearly New Cars for sale at Johnsons

If you're looking for a new car at the lowest price you should consider a nearly new car. Nearly New Cars offer incredible value for money being a condition that's like new but at a used car price. These cars are all less than a year old, with low mileage.

These cars include Pre-Registered (Pre-Reg) and Ex-Deomstrator vehicles which means we have been the only owner of the car. These cars have been cared for from the start by one of our Johnsons dealerships – you can even expect full service history, with services having been carried out by a main dealer in the reputable Johnsons network.

With our Nearly New Car deals, you can avoid the huge depreciation that comes with buying a new car, but gain all the advantages of owning one:

  • Low Mileage
  • Less than a year old
  • Like-New Condition
  • Lower Price
  • The Majority of the Manufacturer Warranty Remaining

Our Nearly New Cars have only been owned for a short period of time, all under 12 months in fact, and have incredibly low mileage - you won’t even notice they’re not brand new. As a trusted vehicle supplier, you’ll be pleased to know that each and every one of our Nearly New Cars at Johnsons has been thoroughly serviced and tested according to manufacturer standards. That means you’re getting complete peace of mind. Find the car you’ve always wanted with a substantially reduced price tag at Johnsons, where Nearly New Cars are what we know. When you buy a Nearly New Car from us, you get a car with a significant price difference against a new vehicle, and you also benefit from any remaining warranty and roadside assistance to protect you from life’s ups and downs.

Your Nearly New Car, hand-picked by Johnsons, will look new, feel new and sound new – it just won’t have a new car price tag. Browse online or come and see us at your nearest site - we’re sure we’ll have something you’ll like.