Are You Ready For Winter?

With dark nights, wet weather, and plummeting temperatures fast approaching over the coming weeks, it's time to make sure that you and your car are prepared for the challenging driving conditions that lie ahead with a Johnsons Winter Check.

As winter approaches, drivers should start planning for whatever the weather may throw at them. If you need convincing, just think back to previous winters; you can be sure there is always a good mix of snow, ice, rain and dry spells. To cope with this mix of different road conditions, get a winter check at your nearest Johnsons dealership.

What's included?

All of your checks will be carried out by our experienced manufacturer-trained technicians in Johnsons state-of-the-art workshops, for that added peace of mind.


Winter Essentials Kit*

Receive your free Winter Essentials Kit when you complete your Winter Check with Johnsons.

  • Winter Essentials Kit includes super de-icer spray, screenwash additive, ice scraper, cotton cloth, and hi-vis vest.

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