Bristol Clean Air Zone (CAZ)

UPDATED 26/05/2021

In an attempt to reduce the levels of toxic NO2 in the air, Bristol will be introducing a Clean Air Zone in the city centre. This means vehicles that do not meet a certian standard will be charged entering the centre. The zone is expected to start in October 2021.

Bristol also planned a complete Diesel ban but plans for that have now been scrapped.

When does the Bristol Clean Air Zone start?

The clean air zone is expected to start in October 2021.

Where will the Bristol CAZ affect?

The Clean Air Zonecovers a large area and starts at the end of the M32 and include the old city, Spike Island, Redcliffe and Harbourside.This is much smaller than the inital plans were for.

At what times does the Bristol Clean Air Zone apply?

The Clean Air Zone will apply 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.

How much is the charge for the Bristol Clean Air Zone?

Current plans suggest that the Clean Air Zone will charge £9 per day for taxis and vans and £100 for busses and HGVs.

The Charge will be payable online in much the same way as the DART tunnel or the recent Birmingham CAZ.

Are there any exemption to the Bristol Clean Air Zone?

There are not full details for exemptions yet but so far they Bristol council have indicatied a one year exemption for those earning less than £24,00 per year and no more than £12.45 per hour and an exemption for hospital visitors.

They have also annouced there will be financial support for peop,e to switch to cleaner vehicles but no details have been announced yet.

What should I do to prepare?

If you live in or regularly travel to the centre of Bristol, we recommend that you check whether your vehicle is compliant early so you can be prepare by either changing car or appluing for a temporary exemption

If you’re already looking at changing your vehicle, it’d be best to make sure that your new car meets the required emissions standard.

If you’re not looking at changing your car and you regular travel into Bristol, it may be worth considering if public transport is a viable alternative. If it isn’t, then changing your car now may make financial sense considering the savings you could make by not paying the CAZ charge.

All of our new cars meet the latest emissions standard so won’t be subject to the Clean Air Zone Charge. Similarly, all of our petrol used cars and most of our diesel cars will meet the required standard. Just ask us if you want to be sure.

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Alternatively, you might want to consider an electric or hybrid car. Oxford is introducing a Zero Emissions Zone and it is likely that more and more places will impose tighter restriction on vehicles driving in their city. An electric or hybrid vehicle might be a safer long term option for these cases.

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Please note, this page is as accurate as possible at the time of creation (May 2021). All plans and details may change at a later date.