Don’t neglect your tyres this winter

Accordingly to a recent survey, up to half of UK drivers could be avoiding having service work or essential maintenance carried out – with tyres being the most commonly ignored area. But with tyres being one of the most important factors in road safety, here’s why you should tread carefully this winter.

A new survey by* has found that 48% of drivers have delayed having repair work this year and, perhaps more shockingly, 68% of respondents admitted that they hadn’t checked their tyres since the beginning of the year.

What’s more – of those that did check their tyres, more than a quarter said they knew that their tyres needed replacing, but hadn’t done so because of the cost of new ones. These are concerning statistics, especially as we’re currently in winter, where tyre safety takes on even more significance.

Treading carefully

We understand that you might be driving less due to lockdown restrictions and working from home; however, it’s crucial that you don’t neglect your car maintenance.

Tyres are particularly vital in staying safe during adverse driving conditions. A 3mm tread is advised for the winter, and you should also check the condition of the tyre. And it’s not just about safety – if your tyres are found to be unsafe, you risk three penalty points on your driving licence, and can also be fined up to £2,500 per tyre – a possible total fine of £10,000!

In 2019 there were an estimated 32.7 million people with a full car driving licence, meaning there could be millions of unsafe vehicles on the roads over the upcoming festive period. Don’t be left out in the cold – check your car today!

Winter Health Check

At Johnsons, we’re here to help you take on winter driving with confidence. Did you know that we offer a Winter Health Check, which inspects the parts of your car most affected by winter?

A key part of the check is a thorough assessment of your tyres. Our experienced technicians will check your tread, tyre pressure and look for signs of uneven wear, damage or splits and bulges. But we check more than tyres, giving your vehcile a thoughrough check including a wheel alignment to ensure stability on the road.

Find out more about the Winter Check and book yours below.

Winter Check

*Survey of 2,004 drivers aged between 18-65.